3 Offbeat Things You Can Only Do In Australia

Australia -- home to some of the most beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, exquisite dining, chic fashion, adorable kangaroos and koalas, and so much more. Australia is also known for being cheeky and offbeat. While the chic cities, water adventure sports, and gastronomical delights are enough reasons to visit, you're going to want to visit the quirkier side of Oz too. You're sure to have a trip and here's where to start.

Sail a Beer Can Boat at Darwin

Video by associated press

What is a beach party without a few six packs? At the Darwin Beer Can Regatta, you're going to need a bit more than a few to participate.

How the lads figured "let's tie in some beer cans together and make a boat with 'em", we'll never know. Perhaps one too many lagers in the beach would inspire it. What started as a group of mates enjoying beers by the beach, playing chicken in the water, and having wet T-shirt competitions, has transformed into an all out family affair. Imagine one blazing afternoon at Mindil Beach, when Darwinians and tourists can enjoy a full day of bluesy soul singers, sandcastle making, thong throwing competitions, and of course - the Beer Can Regatta.

Some have the raft or boat making down into a science so to make things interesting, ensure fairness and safety, they made a few rules for the regatta. "The ten CAN-mendments -- if you will:

1. Thou shalt enter the event in the right spirit.
2. Thou shalt build the craft of cans.
3. The craft shall float by cans alone.
4. Thou shalt not drown.
5. Thou shalt not take the name of the craft in vain: any craft bearing signs or lettering that may be offensive will be barred.
6. Thou shalt not drift from the straight and narrow and end up at Mandorah.
7. Thou shalt not protest too much.
8. Thou shall honor thy Committee.
9. Thou shalt not commit adultery – nothing really to do with the Regatta, but it gives them an "air of responsibility and respect".
10. Thou shalt go back and read the first can-mandment again."

Jump Off A Building In Southbank

Video by Michael Bamford

Adrenaline junkie? We have just the thing for you. Whether you think bungee jumping is already passé, don't have the time to go further than the city for your adrenalin fix, you just want to try out a possible place to bring your partner, rap jumping or the Aussie Rappel is a definite must-try.

You're not just rappelling down a building -- you'd quite literally run 7 stories down the side of a building face-first. Despite the thrill-seeking high you'll get from rap jumping, your safety is their
number 1 priority and you have full control over the speed of descent. They take pride in providing adrenaline with 100% safety record since 1989. With highly trained instructors always on board, you'll get the best experience and utmost safety when you rap jump.

Have a head for heights at the Eureka Skydeck

Video by CityDiscovery

Smack bang in the heart of Southbank is the impressive Eureka Tower. Its Skydeck, 297 meters above Melbourne's city streets, has an observation deck that gives you the most stunning panoramic views of the city. And with Melbourne's ever-changing weather, the sky colors constantly change, clouds thin and thicken, and no two days are ever the same at the Skydeck.

While the views are reason enough to visit Eureka, that's not quite quirky enough to make this list. So what else does the Eureka Skydeck offer?

You're already a little shy of 300 meters above ground so Eureka takes your experience of the heights to a whole new level. See Melbourne in the most thrilling way with Eureka's Edge Experience where you get a full view of the city through a glass cube that's projected outside of the building. Yes, you read that right, you'd be suspended midair from the 88th floor with glass floors, windows, ceiling -- you'd see through it all. Whether you're in it to get a rush of adrenaline, conquer your fear of heights, or pop down on one knee to ask the big question, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience at the Eureka Skydeck.

You have tons to do in Oz and if you don't drive around, you're going to spend too much on taxi rides or too much time waiting for public transport. The make the most out of your Aussie holiday and visit as many fancy, exciting, and even offbeat places around, make sure rent a car for your trip. You'll save up on time, money, and get to and from at your own pace and time. Happy Travels!

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