Top 5 must have apps for travelling in Australia

Long gone are the days of lugging around hefty travel guides, maps and translation dictionaries; worrying about how much of your precious baggage weight allowance they will take up like I remember doing during my trip to Europe in 1998.

With the freedom to download travel apps, games, music and books - your phone or tablet is probably one of the most essential pieces of travel equipment you really need to carry with you.

If you are planning an up-coming trip backpacking around Australia and are looking to customise your mobile or tablet with useful apps then make sure you check out these 5 top apps for Australian travellers:

Appy Travels
This travel app is a great companion to any backpacking adventure and covers all of the main cities and major towns in Australia. One of the best things about this app is that other travellers constantly update it, so what you’re reading is up to date tips and advice.

This app includes:
  • Local guides and tips on places to go
  • Maps
  • Local daily deals (great for a backpacker on a budget)
  • Built in currency converter
  • Video and photo gallery of places
  • Weather updates
Australian Road Trips App
If you’re visiting down under, then hiring a campervan is probably on your bucket list of things to do. After doing it myself I can assure you if it isn't on that list it should be!  This app has over 40 detailed driving itineraries for your campervan trip, with information on top picnic spots, local hidden gems and scenic lookout points.

This app even has over 3000 photos of destinations and stop offs on the way – so know what to look out for. Either follow one of the pre-planned itineraries or plan your own unique road trip.

Wi-Fi Finder
Wi-Fi is essential for everything; from booking tomorrow nights hostel and researching campervans for sale online, to keeping in touch with your friends and family back home or for writing on and posting to your blog. Wi-Fi finder is a great app that helps you to identify the best Wi-Fi spots around you. In OZ these can be few and far between so it really is a great idea to have some idea of where you can hook up next!

The app works online and offline and is available for phones and tablets. You can even filter your Wi-Fi hot spot results by location (e.g. hotel, café, library).

If you are on an Aussie road trip then petrol is likely to be one of the biggest outgoing costs to eat into your backpacker budget.

Download the MotorMouth app and save money by making sure you buy the cheapest fuel on your journey. This app is committed to making sure Australian’s get a better deal on their fuel, and lets you know when the best time to buy cheap fuel is each week, and where the nearest (and cheapest) petrol station is.

This app is essential if you are about to embark on the long leg of a road trip.

Trip Journal
Trip Journal is a great way to store and document your travel memories. This app is a quick and easy way of creating an online map of your journey that friends and family can follow on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Add pinpoints to highlight your current location and upload photos, videos or comments as you go along – making it easy to impress everyone with your latest adventures.

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  1. I would also add Spyglass.It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download maps that you need. It also have many useful features, such as marking waypoints, saving spots, measuring your speed and distance to the target, sharing locations with friends and much more.

    1. Great tip! Thanks. I love an app that works even offline!

  2. That Wi-Fi finder looks like pure gold to me.

    We've stayed in strong WiFi spots recently but it's good to app your way to a strong internet connection.


    1. Well that's good to knoW! When we were there it was absolute crap and super expensive where it was decent! I wasn't expecting that at all.

  3. Good advice. I think I may head over to Australia once I'm done in NZ. Plus I'm addicted to technology so this is an awesome list. How long did you stay in Australia? Did it live up to your expectations?

  4. We only stayed about 2 weeks but we adored it! Better than I even expected. I would love to head back to so a year road trip. 2 weeks is not even enough to see Sydney!