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About us
We are a young American family of 5 who left the rat race in 2006 to enter a life of adventure and live out our travel dreams. After a few years in Costa Rica and around Central America, we sold all our belongings once again and made our way to Asia, where we have since been traveling non-stop and loving every minute of it. Once we left Asia we stopped in Australia for a bit before landing in Hawaii where we've done the bulk of our exploring and traveling for about two years until making one more jump over to the Pacific Northwest of the United States where we continue our adventures. 

We have years of international, national, and local travel experience, but even before traveling full time we were professional writers and website managers. My husband has years of experience with blog design, search engine optimization, and writing/editing. My knowledge of social media, photography, and my obsession with new experiences make us a great team to be able to maximize your goals while retaining the integrity of our site to continue to grow our loyal audience.

Our Statistics
Bohemian Travelers' target audience is young families.  It is a rapidly increasing group of people who are starting to realize they can make their dreams come true and put aside the old idea of the American dream and replace it with their dreams of travel and real time spent with their family.

Our audience is primarily young (18-35) Americans, young parents looking to broaden their horizons. Our traffic comes from diverse places, but notably from the US (42%) with Canada, Australia, and the UK making up most of the remaining percentage.

Here are our blog statistics:
  • Monthly Pageviews: 5,000+
  • Monthly Uniques: 1,500+
  • Google PageRank: 3
  • Domain Authority: 35
  • Page Authority: 46
  • Klout score: 57
  • Facebook fans: 5,900+ 
  • Twitter followers: 3,000+
  • Pinterest followers: 2,500+ and 35k monthly views
  • Instagram followers: 2,500+
  • YouTube views: 48,500+
  • We also hear from and interact with fans via email, Stumble Upon, and Linked in.

How to Partner With Us
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We are flexible and happy to work with your specific needs. We are able to use our blog, social media platforms, and photos and videos to put together a partnership package.

We pride ourselves on working in a timely and professional manner. I am available everyday of the week in order to communicate effectively and avert any problems that may come up.

Partner Testimonials
"I love this article, it was a joy working with you".   Sandra from Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

"Wow, what a beautiful blog and review! You really got some amazing photos. Thanks for all your support and your kind words. Please stay in touch and keep up all the great work for the bohemian travelers out there."  Kit from HoloHolo charters in Kauai

"I am so happy to meet with you.  Your story and your life aspirations for yourself and you family are just amazing.  I love your tag line, exit rat race, enter adventure...I hope to be there one day!"   Matthew from Universal Studios

"I have had a look at your blog site and love it.  I noticed that you have covered a fair amount of destinations in Asia as well other parts of the world. It would be great to see Wave House Sentosa featured as a lifestyle destination point for your readers and followers"  Eileen from Wave House Singapore

"Thanks for the review, it is very well written with lots of information for potential visitors."  Danny from Syline Luge 

"I am so happy you enjoyed your stay.  This review was well written and has been mentioned several times as the reason people were booking with us so thanks so much."  Steven at Hangout Hotel

"Thanks a lot for the article; well written! All I have asked for to include is done, so thanks for that!  All the best and many more happy travels!"  Anne at Dev's Adventure tours

"Amazing how you and your family are living your lives.  Thank you for choosing Underwater world and writing such a great review for us.  Someone just yesterday told me they saw it and it was why they came out to see us.  Many thanks!"  Siti at Underwater World Langkawi

"Absolutely perfect and I really appreciate you willing to step up! Thanks again for the outstanding quality, speed of the work, flexibility, and great content. You've been a real lifesaver. The first article was really great by the way!"  James from Bales Worldwide

"Thanks so much for the great coverage of the Hilton in your blog. Everything looks great and the pictures and video are terrific."   Leanne from Hilton hotels

"Your article was well-received by our team here, thank you very much." Engaging photos that have translated into more guests!  Kathryn from Sheraton hotels

Some words from our readers

"Your family is an inspiration to so many of us on how important it is for our kids to experience different cultures and see the world and how it works."     Jennifer

"We aren't sure what we're doing. We have some rough plans. But if you guys can do it with such grace, humor and thrift --SO CAN WE!!  Thank you for your inspiration!"       Eda

"You are one of the most inspirational families I have ever had the pleasure to read about!  Thank you for sharing all your amazing adventures! Truly awe-inspiring!"         Kimberly  

"Love your articles..seems that we are right there with you.  Thanks!"       Mary

"You guys live my dream. I have to admit I feel incredibly jealous. THIS is what I long for as a life experience for my four kiddos, hubby and myself. You've just re-energized me to find a way to do this..and we all know, where there is a will, there is a way. Blessings and congratulations!"          Regina

"Your family INSPIRES us to take up the same path you have...I feel a change brewing. We may very well be following in your footsteps by next year! Thank you for having the courage and passion to follow your dreams."             Nikki

"I've started reading your travel blog and your thoughts on the illusion of the American Dream and I wanted to thank you.  I look forward to reading about your adventures and hope that I can make it as long as you have in my travels."       Sean

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