Kiama Blowhole, Australia

Australia is know for its stunning beauty and cosmopolitan cities, so while we were there I was determined to see as much of it as possible.  After exploring the city of Sydney, and the beauty of the Blue Mountains, we decided to go coastal.

My first idea was to drive the great Ocean Road in our camper van by Apollo but as we settled on just a week in Oz I knew it would be a stretch so we decided after seeing the Blue mountains, only 3 hours from Sydney, that a great beach town to explore would be Jervis Bay, also 3 hours from Sydney.  It ended up being a great choice!

Check out that parking job!!
As I researched the list started to grow full of all the beautiful spots we could stop at along the way, Kiama blowhole being the one that intrigued us most!  We have not come across any in our travels yet so the kids were unsure of what exactly it was.  For those unsure a blowhole occurs as a sea cave goes inland and has some sort of channel upwards exposing itself to the surface.  The smaller the opening typically the larger the spray and during a high tide is when the spray can be the most powerful.

We ended up stopping there on the way back to Sydney from Jervis bay rather than the other way around.  We exited the highway at the first Kiama exit when really the second one would have been better.  The plus side though was that we were able to really explore the town of Kiama.   The charm in itself was enough to initiate the "we could totally live here" banter.

After driving through the cute downtown area, think retro Cape cod, we reached the blowhole park.  We passed the small cafe and bathrooms up the hill to the lighthouse where there was plenty of parking even for a large camper van.

A beautiful lighthouse, gorgeous coastline views, and the blowhole itself are all quite impressive.  What was meant to be a quick stop off ended up being a 2 hour walk around a beautiful little park.  It was one of the highlights of the trip and I highly recommend you make your way there if ever in the Sydney area.  It would make a lovely day trip.

We watched the tides and predicted with great glee when the best blast upwards would occur.  There is plenty to do as we explored all around the beautiful coastline before heading back to our camper for the 2 1/2 hour drive back to Sydney!  If you have more time stay in town and enjoy the charm of small town coastal Australia.

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