7 Ways to Maximize Your Long Haul Flight at Brisbane Airport

Let’s face it: long haul flights can be long and boring. However, they are way less expensive than direct flights, plus you get to see different airports, too! You just have to know what to do, and how to maximize your time during a long haul flight. Here, we list the amenities you can enjoy if your next layover is Brisbane Airport:

1. A different type of charging station. Ran out of battery because of your long flight? Well, you can now charge that at the airport, but first, you have to pedal! Yes, you heard that right. A recent installment at Brisbane Airport is the amazing Charge Bike - where you can both charge your phone and be fit and healthy. Go ahead and exercise your legs after sitting down for a very long time!

2. Go on a mini food binge. Go on and indulge on some food after pedaling for hours on end! Woolworths, McDonalds, and vending machines are all open 24 hours, so you would not have to worry about going hungry.

3. Relax on a massage chair. After getting your fix, head on to one of the 8 massage chairs that can be found at the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal, and Skygate area. For only $2.00 for the first four minutes and an additional $1 per minute, you will feel recharged and relaxed in no time!

4. Fill out your information details through your Digital Departure Card. Thanks to the students of the Queensland University Technology, filling out information is now easier with the Digital Departure Card. All you have to do is scan a QR code in one of the kiosks, and it’ll give you a complete card so you can move quickly through customs. Technology is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

5. Make Use of the Free WiFi and Internet. Ah, good old internet. I’m sure you are pretty thrilled to hear this, as the internet is a pretty awesome invention. You can do whatever you please: watch your favorite series on Netflix, connect to friends and family through the different social media platforms, or even watch tutorials on YouTube. The best thing about it too is that it’s free!

6. Make use of airport parking. This tip might not be for you but if you have friends in the country and they’re planning on traveling, you can advise them to drive their cars to the airport and just park their car at Brisbane Airport. It’s cheaper, safer, and less time consuming than other modes of transportation!

7. Sleep or rest at the Pay-per- use lounges. Whether you’re flying in business, first, or economy class, you can go ahead and use their pay-per- use lounges. This is especially useful for those who are looking for a place to sleep just before their connecting flights. I find it can really help with jet lag. Just pay a minimal amount, and you are good to go!

Now, you never have to get bored in Brisbane during your long haul flights. Enjoy and have a good one!

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