5 Beach Locations we want to visit

After spending so much time at the beach the past few months we have all realized how much we love it.   We enjoy many beach activities; sunbathing, playing in the waves, surfing, diving, and snorkeling just to name a few.  Most activities are inexpensive or even free and there is just nothing like beach air to make you feel alive.

We have been thinking a lot about where we want to visit next and we could not help but place numerous beach destinations on the list.  We have splashed in waves and learned to surf in Costa Rica, dived off the coast of Malaysia, snorkeled in the crystal blue waters in Thailand, kayaked with dolphins at Jervis bay, Australia, and spent the last 4 months surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and hanging with sea turtles all around Hawaii.  But there are so many islands and beaches we have yet to experience!

Below are 5 of the our "must visit in our life" beach locations:

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Everyone knows the great barrier reef.  It is home to the largest reef network in the world and full of one amazing beach after the other.  Spanning 3000+ kilometers off the coast of Queensland, the reef is visible from space, that is how big it is.  Here you can snorkel and dive with rays, fish only found in the region, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and more. It is a sea lovers paradise.

One of the areas that looks particularly amazing is Hayman Island.   From there you are able to access many of the areas that are typically off limit because of their agreement to maintain the reefs integrity.  Hayman is located in a great location within the reef system where you can enjoy various tours by sea or by air.  It looks to be a perfect base to explore from, something we have learned is vital for enjoying a given area.

Sun Island, Maldives

The Maldives may be the most beautiful spot on earth!  It seems that of all the beaches in the world this one tops the list of nearly everyone.  When you are looking for a honeymoon getaway, luxury, impossibly clear water, and peaceful serenity the Maldives is the place to go.  Of course this one is more of a, "money being no object", kind of trip, hence why we have not been as of yet!

Sun island is set in Nalaguraidhoo, a  beautiful area set in gardens of stunning tropical flowers and crystal clear blue sapphire lagoons.  The resorts on the island offer standard rooms, suites, and my personal favorite over water bungalows.  Some day we'll get into one of those hopefully sooner rather than later!

Nungwi, Zanzibar

When I think of Africa, beaches is not really the first thing on my mind.  After researching all the things I want to do in Africa I came across Zanzibar and saw how amazing the beaches are there.  Nungwi is located in the Northern corner of Zanzibar in Eastern Africa.  It is a quiet and friendly little coastal village and has seen huge increase in tourism over the past decade.  This can be both good and bad but for now it looks to be an amazing retreat.  Cute town, stunning beaches, and clear water, not to mention its proximity to all the other activities Africa offers, places this spot firmly in our top 5!

White Haven beach, Australia

After the Great Barrier reef area in Queenstown the Australia beach area we most want to visit is the Whitsunday islands.  I mean look at that picture, how can it be anything but amazing?!  Whitehaven Beach is a 7km stretch of white powdery sand along the Whitsunday island and probably the most popular area to visit.  But as you can see in the photo is never looks to be totally overrun.

Australia is an expensive trip to make but if you get a chance visit Queenstown and you can get out to see the Great Barrier Reef as well as the Whitsunday islands all in one trip!  That could be a retreat of a lifetime and a trip I cannot wait to make!

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Tahiti is also one of those locations that seem to pop up on all the must see beach location lists.  It should be no surprise that it shows up on mine as well.  The photos alone draw me in but couple that with all the different activities and the pure luxury on offer and it is a no wonder we want to visit as soon as we can!

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