Hippie Life Revived with New Volkswagen Campervan

New VW DoubleBack campervan
Oh, how I miss my 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia campervan. Perhaps it was because I was in my 20's without a care in the world when I gallivanted around the United States in my VW camper.

I went from one beautiful location to the next with mountain bikes in tow, a good friend to share the experience with, and some great tunes drowning out the sound of the open road and the lack of muffler, which fell off after somewhere in Virginia.

Those were the days.  Stopping at random rest stops when we got tired.  Cooking up some grub and playing chess before popping the camper top up and crashing.  No schedule. No jobs. Just the open road and our hunger for experiences in new locations as our motivation.

-->Those nostalgic days can now be relived in style as Volkswagen has introduced their new campervan.  The best part is that now all of us old hippies with families can relive those days as this camper sleeps 4!  However, it comes with a much higher price tag than the hippie vans of the 60's and 70's and even my used 1984 "mystery machine" which cost me a mere $5000 in 1995.

The new VW DoubleBack campervan will run £55,000 ($87,250).  The price tag is slightly above what the typical carefree twenty-something could afford.  But even at this price, there is a waiting list for this fine machine.  DoubleBack says to expect delivery in the second half of the year if you order it today.

Visit www.doubleback.co.uk for more information

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  1. Took a Volkswagen Transporter out for hire not too long ago on a outdoor camping holiday
    and it really was wonderful, quite easily the most reliable vans we've used. Since then I cannot stop thinking about acquiring one of them

    Visit my website - Karen

  2. £55,000 ($87,250) ????

    Yeah right. I'm sure they're selling like hotcakes.

    1. Yeah I know. Crazy expensive but it really is cool. I'd be curious to see if they are selling at all.