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Whether you opt for a night, a weekend, or even a week, your stag or hen do is supposed to be your last night/week/weekend of freedom.  While this is not entirely true it can certainly be a fun event with your best friends before tying the knot!

It is becoming increasingly popular to head off abroad for such a celebration, and some destinations are more popular than others, mainly due to the low cost of alcohol and nights out!  Although some of the main event may be cheaper taking a trip abroad does have added expenses but there is plenty you can do to help save a bit here and there.

The key to these kinds of breaks is to save money pre-holiday, so you have more to enjoy whilst you’re actually there. A good way to do that is to drive to the airport, cut out the need for expensive public transport and taxis, and to book airport parking as an add-on to your travel plans. If there are several of you, this could be split between you, and it will cost you barely anything! Car sharing could be the cheapest way to get to the airport, and you’ll find most airports nationwide offer a service.

The destinations for such a break are plentiful, and it all depends on what you want out of your stag or hen party. In terms of stags, the eastern European cities of Budapest and Belgrade are popular, with even Prague offering a cheap getaway, with a little culture if you should want it. Dublin is a popular choice, just a short hop over the Irish Sea, and of course Benidorm is like home away from home, with a bit more sun and plentiful, cheap drinks for a party. As an alternative, Portugal and its Algarve golf courses could be a good choice to mix it up a little.

For the girls, a city break with a bit of shopping and glitz is a good choice, and Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Rome and Marrakech are good choices, with plentiful night-life, spa facilities and cocktail bars on offer. Again, Benidorm is a popular choice here too, for the same reason we stated for stags! I recently went on a hen weekend to Madrid, and we partied, shopped, and ate like there was no tomorrow, it was great fun.

If you’re heading away for a week, then you’ll find plentiful beach break deals during the summer months, and if we’re talking winter, then the Canaries or Egypt offer affordable winter sun, with partying and neon lights on tap.

The choice is wide and entirely yours, but remember this – your last just girls, or just boys holiday should be fun, fun, fun – choose wisely and remember to save before you go.  It will give you a peace of mind that you'll want when partying the night away!

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