Concerts don't have to be expensive

Whatever type of music you like, there is no escaping the fact that ticket prices for many concerts seem to be increasing all the time.  I can remember getting lawn seats to DMB for $15!  Now those same seats are well over $60, talk about inflation. 

When you are traveling abroad it can be a great experience to see your favorite band or artist perform in an unusual setting, a famous venue or even just in their own home country.  Bruno Mars recently came to Hawaii and although I was contemplating going with my eldest son I quickly realized many seats were over $1000!  That's right 3 zeros...yeah we decided against that. 

In fact, going to a concert of any type can be an ideal way to try out things you might never have experienced before, which is why seeing an event or performance in its natural setting can be so exciting.  When in a new country you'll find lots of unique cultural differences and music is usually incorporated into them all, I find it to be a great way to experience a local vibe.

So whether you want to see an opera in Italy, a dance music giant in Ibiza or a British rock band on their home turf, getting a ticket might be the only thing standing in your way.  I know they can be quite costly but never fear, we have a couple of tips to getting the best deal possible.

Finding cheap tickets
Although face-value ticket prices are always going up, missing out on them when they come on sale means that you have to deal with the so-called 'secondary market' where prices really can get ridiculous.

So doing a little preparation and being ready to buy the moment tickets become available can save you money in the long run.  I know it seems like waiting may be best but at that point the scalpers know they have you and can charge whatever they want.

Using your credit card can mean that you get rewards points and often these can be redeemed for free or reduced cost tickets for some of the hottest shows around.

Concert tickets are often popular prizes for media and radio stations to give away so keeping an eye out for special promotions can make bagging free entry for yourself and your friends a real possibility.

Other freebies can include give aways for fan club members or social media followers, so if you have a particular concert or event in mind it can be worth signing up to any associated social media contact pages and accounts.

Of course getting on the guest list is the best way to ensure free entry, and this is a skill that is second only to knowing how to get upgraded on an airline!  That or knowing the stars themselves.

If you have any friends or contacts that work in the industry it's always worth asking them if they can help, as favours are traded and the currency is usually paid in guest tickets and VIP passes.

Ultimately if there is something you absolutely cannot miss, it might mean paying full price. Otherwise, if all else fails, turning up ticket less on the night can sometimes result in meeting a generous person who happens to have a ticket going spare.

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