Great Family Vacation Spots In Brisbane

Brisbane is a large and popular city as well as the capital of the Australian state of Queensland. It's considered a new-world city with its forward-thinking, emphasis on youth and laid-back attitude, making it an ideal getaway point. Its climate is traditionally Australian, warm and relaxed, proving it a big hit with the visitors looking to escape the soggy, mundane weather from back home.

Those looking to visit will fly into the main international hub at Brisbane Airport, direct from most of the large Australian cities. Flights to Brisbane are generally economic and are provided by the finest airlines. Flights are easy to book considering the city's popularity and most holiday-maker sites will offer flights for good deals as part of packages and other special offers.

Vacation Spots
There's a lot to see and do in Brisbane, the main vacation spot perhaps starting over on Mount Coot-tha, the tallest mountain in the city. It has a great view over the city and includes a restaurant as well, making it perfect for a day trip or a very special evening. There are a number of biking tracks as well, affording the opportunity for visitors to kit up and cycle through some of Australia's natural beauty.

Kangaroo Point is another great spot, perfect for family vacations that are all about activities. The walls are popular for rock-climbers and as Brisbane River flows through the point, activities such as kayaking and white-water rafting are available to the adrenaline junkies out there. For those less inclined, it's a great spot for a traditional Australian BBQ or a quieter picnic, complete with serene views and some quality alone time.

Brisbane Country
The city is a hustling and bustling Goliath, but, many will want to head out into the heart of Australia and Brisbane's vast countryside is no exception. On one side lies Moreton Bay Islands, offering under-water activities such as snorkeling and marine-watching (turtles, whales, dolphins and even the odd shark all in the vicinity). On the other side, wineries, national parks and original Aborigine monuments sit, unabashed by the city life. It's a wilderness ideal for everyone, a time to lay low and have some peace and quiet in one of the most beautiful countries on the globe.

Brisbane's Scenic Rim
Following on, the Scenic Rim is a large mountain range inland from the city, arcing around from the heart of Brisbane, reaching the tips of the Gold Coast. Much of the area is pure natural beauty, unspoiled by the city-dwellers but there are a few guesthouses and amenities to ensure you never feel too alone. Here you can hike off the beaten path, make your own way in the wilderness and navigate through the scenic countryside.

Brisbane is full of great family vacation spots, largely down to the fact that it is a friendly, open city, welcoming to any age and gender. It's great for couples and great for families, offering a little something to everyone. From its glorious, crystal-clear-water beaches and its towering building complexes to its inner heart, mountain ranges and shaggy wilderness, Brisbane is certainly one of the best, the biggest, the coolest cities in Australia, well worth your time.

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