Dream Motorhome trip around Australia

A year ago my family and I had the great opportunity to spend a week in a motor home touring Australia.  I can tell you first hand that is NOT nearly enough time.  When looking on a map we only covered about 1 inch of territory.  It was an absolutely perfect way to get around and something we all hope to be able to do again one day, but this time for much longer.  You can also get around in a small car, in some ways that would be easier, but for a large family or an extended amount of time a motor home would be our pick.

Take my advice and find out more about motor home hire first, you won't be disappointed I can promise you that.  Once you secure your ride you can head out on any adventure you want.

I wrote an article here that documented how easy the rigs were to handle.  I was really nervous at first but we all ended up pleasantly surprised by the ease of use.  On our trip we ended up seeing Sydney, the Blue Mountain area, and Jervis Bay.  It was lovely but in a dream world I would spend a year in a motor home and explore each and every corner of that beautiful country.

Read on to see all the amazing things you could see by taking a caravan around Australia:

New South Wales
NSW has a lot to offer and it goes far beyond the city of Sydney.  Although if you only get to enjoy the Sydney area you will not be disappointed, it is a playground for all between the harbor, the beaches and the water sports.  In this state you can camp from the city all the way up the Blue Mountains and beyond.  There are hiking trails, animal encounters, cave exploration and more.

When you've had your fill in the mountains you can drive back towards the coast to some beautiful beaches in Byron Bay where you can enjoy the small towns and lovely beach side campgrounds in Jervis Bay or take on new adventures of surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and diving.  Next stop in NSW for us would be Hunter Valley where wine, antiques, and artwork merge together for a completely different experience.

Melbourne is a city we would really like to explore.  Around every corner it seems there is something new to discover.  From casinos to art shows and theater, there is something exciting going on nearly all the time.

If the city life is not for you can explore the Great Ocean Rd, one of Australia's most iconic road trips, visit penguins on Philip Island, drink your fill of wine in Yarra valley, relax in spa country of Daylesford, or simply laze on one of the many beautiful beaches in the state.

Tasmania is perhaps the place we want to explore most.  You can start out in Hobart, the birth place of the convict history on the continent, where even though you are in the biggest town on the island you will find that nature and beauty is always close by.  There is also Wineglass bay in Freycinet peninsula.  It is stunning!

Enjoy a Victorian vibe in downtown Launceston and head out towards the wine country and marvel at the small villages ripe with grand old farms and mansions.  As if all that is not enough, do not forget all the amazing wilderness around you.  In Tasmania you can do everything from hiking Cradle Mountain, river rafting in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park to meeting up with a wild platypus or Tasmanian devil.

South Australia
When most people think of Australia a few images come to mind.  Kangaroos is typically one of the first.  In South Australia you will find the city of Adelaide which is renowned for its fine dining, fun food festivals and stunning gardens.  But the main draw are the kangaroos.

On Kangaroo Island you will get up close and personal with hundreds of kangaroos but you can also swim with wild dolphins, watch penguins frolic and enjoy stunning views and delicious food.

Other notable spots to visit include Flinders ranges and Eyre Peninsula.  Both locations will give you ample opportunity to camp and really enjoy life in a motor home.

Western Australia
Perth, Kimberly, Margaret River and Ningaloo are all main highlights of this area.  Perth is a large cosmopolitan city with some of the most beautiful beaches and family friendly activities in the country.  Kimberly is where you can have a true outback adventure.  Ride a camel through the desert, hike through ancient gorges, marvel at the bungle bungles, or visit a cattle station, all things done far easier in a motor home.

Margaret River is all about fine cuisine, local honey, home made cheeses, and world acclaimed wineries, not to mention, as per the norm in Australia, more beautiful beaches.  Ningaloo is a spot I have been hearing about for decades so finding our way there would truly be a privilege.  It is home to a shark nature preserve and one spot that you can hop in the crystal blue water to swim alongside whale sharks.  Diving here is first class and the beaches are some of the best in the world!

Northern Territory
The Northern Territory is the true outback of the country.  Here you can visit Darwin, the culture capitol of the country, or Alice Springs, the quintessential outback town.  Both will give you a true sense of Australian history.  Lesser known Kakadu is also in this area and is both a cultural an biological wonder.

Ayers Rock or Uluru can also be found in this territory and really is the penultimate of all the Australian experiences.  You can witness the sun rise and fall over the mountain while examining the fading and changing colors.  You can also walk the path of a real aboriginal by taking a guided tour which I highly recommend.

Brisbane is the main city in Queensland.  It is a tropical, laid back city that offers all you could want in a city experience.  The Gold Coast is famous for fabulous nightlife, beautiful forests, and international theme parks making it the capital of fun!

The real thrill and draw though in this state are the beaches and underwater experiences.  Whitsundy islands are about the closet thing to Heaven I think I've ever seen, Google search that image and you'll want to head there this minute.

One of the seven wonders of the natural world can be found here as well.  The Great Barrier Reef is like no other underwater ecosystem in the world.  You can snorkel or dive, charter a boat and explore, or even find an uninhabited island and leave a set of your footprints in the sand.

As you can see there is just so much to see in this amazing country.  I have not even scratched the surface with the list of places to explore but it certainly is a good starting point.  In my view really the only way to see all these things is to travel around by motor home.  You can either buy one to resell when you are done or rent one long term.  Either way you will be glad you did!

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  1. My wife and I did a motorhome tour of New Zealand in the later 90's. It was fantastic and well, well worth it. I highly recommend New Zealand for this type of travel as well.

  2. Yes that is another trip I would love to do in a motor home!

  3. All these are great places to see around Australia especially Victoria is my favorite;thanks for hihlighting the major points!

    1. No problem, hoping to get to more in the future!