Great Ways To Enjoy Sports As You Travel

No matter how much you love traveling, there are sure to be a few things from back home that you miss. Will watching sports be one of them?

Anyone who enjoys some sporting action might worry about not being able to see any when they travel. Yet, there are some great ways of doing so wherever you head to.

Here are some great ways to enjoy sports as you travel

Watch the Most Popular Local Sport
As you go around the globe, you will see that the favorite sports change in every place. Soccer is the most popular in many countries. However, you will also find the likes of horse racing, skiing, table tennis, and cricket taking the number one spot in some countries.

Going to see the nation’s favorite sport can be an unforgettable experience, especially if it is a huge event with lots of spectators. You will get to see how the locals react to the drama of the sport, and you might also learn to love a new type of game at the same time.

It makes sense to learn some of the basic rules and a little about some of the star players before you head to the event. Some sports can appear completely baffling if you watch them without really knowing what is going on.

Look for Wacky Events
There are lots of wacky sporting events that take place every year around the world. They can be great fun to watch. In fact, you can probably split them into two categories. The first are those that the competitors know are weird and just for fun. The others are sports that are taken very seriously but can appear ridiculous to you. Either way, it's bound to be an entertaining outing!

The UK is a great place for weird sports. From cheese rolling to bed racing and from bog snorkeling to tin bath racing, there are plenty of strange competitions all around the country. People know how silly these games are, and they just exist to give everyone a bit of harmless fun.

As for some other sports, you should be careful not to be disrespectful when watching things that appear unusual to you. In Asia, you will discover fascinating games such as Sepak Takraw and Kabbadi. Also, the World Nomad Games, which covers disciplines like goat-carcass polo and horseback wrestling.

Meanwhile, Italy has the rugged Calcio Fiorentino: basically, soccer with no rules.

In England there is the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Run, where you are running after a cheeseball in the slope of a mountain: careful, it is more dangerous than it seems.

Join Others to Watch Your Favorite Sport
If you follow a widely popular sport like football, basketball, or soccer you can probably watch it wherever you go. One option is to look for a sports bar showing international games. In this way, you could watch the Super Bowl in Africa, follow the MLB World Series records in Australia, or cheer on your favorite football team in Asia.

Another possibility is that you go to watch local teams playing a sport that you enjoy. This is a fine way of seeing the game in a different light. Will you see some upcoming stars that take your breath away or will you think that the standard of play is lower here than at home?

You might even find that this is a fine way to strike up conversations with other fans. A shared love of sports can bring together people from different cultures more easily than most other things could do.

By adding some sports to your traveling, you can turn any trip into more of an adventure. The first step is to take a look and see what your options are. Since sports are hugely popular all over the world, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to discover something that interests you.

Thanks for reading our article on some great ways to enjoy sports as you travel. Let us know in the comments if you have any tips you don't think we covered here.

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