Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel

Traveling, breaking barriers and expanding horizons. People of all ages and nationalities appreciate each day more with this new thought and way of living. Money might not be an issue for some travelers, but it can be troubling for others. With the rush of the nowadays society, the stressful way of life and with each individual questioning more and more what the meaning and purpose of life are, many choose to take refuge in traveling.

This topic doesn’t need to be a nightmare or an inconvenience for people’s wallets. Besides the several international projects that allow people to travel, while volunteering or working, Solidarity Corps or Au pair, for example, there are other ways to save up and fatten the piggy bank.

Here are some Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel

First of all, creating a saving plan is necessary to reach the goals you've set for your travel adventures. Follow these realistic ways to save money for travel or anything you're trying to save for!

Assessment – Compare your trip plan to the reality of your financial status. Is it feasible? Or, for now, it’s a bigger conquest to achieve such a destination? Make hard decisions, don’t run from them. Be honest with yourself. Once you have collected an overall idea of the trip costs, compile a spreadsheet that lists your income and your expenses. Study how it all stacks up. Write up at least 6 months' worth to have a better projection of what your reality is.

Set the goal – Long and short-term goals are meant to be followed. List them and stick to it. Do not be dishonest with yourself so in the future, your motivation won't be killed by disappointment.
Create the big plan – Remove unnecessary expenses (which we will detail afterward), set a strict spending budget or add additional income to meet your goals.
Implement the plan – Put your plan in action and maintain it strictly.
Monitoring all the steps – As time passes by, your plan will evolve, and your spending will also change. Scrutinize the budget, analyze it and adjust it, if needed.

This saving plan works for most purposes in life, whether it is to travel, to save for a new house, a new car or simply to just keep the money for the future. Setting priorities and following them with motivation and rules will help you achieve your goals much faster. Always remember why you are doing this. Set pictures on the wall of your destination and remind yourself about the reward you will get with the current effort.

Additionally, as mentioned before, some extra costs of your life might need to be removed. Assessing your expenditures is mandatory to understand what fits in your “wants” and in your “needs”. Slowly it would be best to eliminate the “wants” from the things you make it a routine to purchase.

Likewise, creating a bank account, or even just a piggy bank at home where you save your money towards your goal, is the thing to do. Set an amount you want to transfer daily, weekly or monthly and make it a habit.

Cutting back on fancy coffee drinks, having beers out or lunch/dinner at a restaurant will help you improve your budget. Pack your lunch, if you are able, find out all the supermarket promotions and keep yourself to the basics.

For example, if you can pay eight or fewer euros for lunch instead of 12, each day, by the end of the year you will have around 832€ plus. The same with the drinks you have out with your friends or the pack of tobacco you buy. With this strategy, it will be easier to make money than if you were betting on the Breeders Cup challenge race.

Having fun doesn’t need to be forbidden when cutting some expenses. However, you should rethink what you would be doing for fun. There are a lot of free programs some organizations promote, free events, free exhibitions. Pay attention to it and once you find out what your area offers to you, go for it.

Ask yourself if you can reduce your car usage. Bikes are cheaper, healthier and reduce environmental pollution as well. If distances are too long, do you have the chance to take public transports? Do it! You have friends going to work in the same region as you? Split the costs and alternate rides. And if you're in a place where you and can do more walking, it's even better. Totally free and great exercise!

Reducing your utility bills can, for real, make the difference by the end of the month. If you turn off the heater, when you can, and instead use a sweater to warm up it'll feel good when the gas or electricity bill reduces. Turn off the lights when you leave the rooms, shorten your showers and do less laundry by accumulating more clothes for one wash.

These might seem like uncomfortable and unnecessary behaviors, but no one said goals are always easy to achieve. Once again, think about your priorities and adopt a new lifestyle. Three months later, or maybe less, all will feel part of your routine.

Unforeseen expenses might be a little scary at the beginning of this all-new style. To contour it, always think about the options you have. Second-hand shops are a possibility, in case you need a new bed, mattress or some new clothes. Second-hand books, for your studies, are also possible to get, without forgetting libraries. Most of them allow you to rent books for free or for a yearly cheap fee.

Another option could be to pick up any extra work you can in your spare time to help grow your travel fund faster.

If you want to travel and wish it with all of your strength, only you can achieve it with hard work and a heart full of desires. No one can stop you, but you. So spread your wings and fly!

We hope you found this article focusing on realistic ways to save money for travel helpful in your endeavor. Leave a comment below if you have some tips of your own you think should be shared!

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