Most Thrill Seeking Places To Visit Whilst In America

If you are the kind of person who likes to live on the edge and you have plans to go traveling in America there are some great options for thrilling seeking cities to visit on your travels. As you are planning to travel to America you will need to fill out an ESTA that enables you to travel throughout the U.S you will also be pleased that an ESTA lasts for a period of two years. This gives you amble opportunity to explore a variety of different states and cities.

So what are you waiting for??  Head out to visit some of these adrenaline filled cities soon!  Here are our top pics for most thrill seeking places to visit whilst in America.


Each corner of Hawaii has something to offer thrill seekers. Maui is the perfect place for families to
enjoy beaches and have fun as well as drive the insanely windy Hana Road. Oahu attracts surfers of all levels and visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures including scuba diving. In Oahu you can even climb inside a shark cage for an up-close experience with the ocean’s most feared creatures, sharks. The cage stays at the water’s surface, allowing those with no scuba experience to enjoy it too. The big island boasts everything from black-sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rainforests.  For thrills you can quad through the jungle, hike out to active lava flows and zip lining high above waterfalls.

Miami, FL

As well as the many pool parties, stunning beaches, and great Cuban cuisine there are loads of thrills that can be had in Miami. As there are many lovely beaches, visitors will be able to experience kayaking, paddle boarding and scuba diving as well as fishing, sailing and jet skiing. Miami is the place to try a wide amount of different water sports. If you still searching for thrills you can even experience zombie runs, something we are dying to try!

Orange County, CA

Although many may think Orange County is incredibly quaint with high socialites. It is actually filled
with fun things to do like surfing, bike trailing and hiking. It is not a cheap destination typically but as always there are some great ways to save money.  Spending a lot of time at one of the large beaches is one such way.  Most locals are also big on deep sea fishing and large scale scavenger hunts, both exciting and fun ways to see the area.

Phoenix, AZ
If you want some blistering sunshine then head to Phoenix which is basically a giant sand box with
golf courses. It’s ranked highest in mud runs and obstacles courses so if you are looking for adventure then there is many to be had in Arizona. The valley of the Sun was also up there for 5ks, as apparently running over three miles in strong heat is difficult. Not my cup of tea but many enjoy that.  I'd like to wait until winter to run if visiting such a warm place.

Washington, DC

Although you can mostly find politics as well as many historical buildings in Washington, there is
much more to it. For starters it is a lovely family location. But for travelers looking for thrills it also ticks off a lot of boxes. You can enjoy kayaking and tubing at Marther Gorge and on the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, as well as fun foams runs.

Denver, CO

The Mile High City has sunshine most days of the year which means it is the perfect climate to seek
out some thrills. If you happen to be travelling to Denver then you are in luck, with so many mountains there are plenty of perfect opportunities to go rock climbing and zip-lining.

What is the most thrill seeking state you have visited?  Why?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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