Best Waterparks In Europe You Must Visit This Summer

No matter how old or young you are, water parks are some of the best forms of fun, particularly when you’re on holiday. For both adults and children, water parks can host a whole day, if not more, of entertainment, and if you’re traveling to Europe this summer then you’re in luck. Europe is home to some of the best water parks this year, and you should make sure that you pack your e111 card and swimsuit if you’re heading to any of these water parks.

Siam Park, Tenerife
Siam Park is a Thai-themed water park on the Canary Islands. Siam Park is home to the world’s longest lazy river and has plenty of fantastic slides to take part in. One of the biggest is the Tower of Power, a slide with an 85-foot drop that concludes with a funnel that passes through a tank full of sharks! There’s also a vertical water slide known as the Dragon and a vortex style slide. There’s something for everyone at Siam Park, and with the island having good weather all year round, Siam Park is the perfect place to get your bikini on and slide!

Tropical Islands, Germany
Tropical islands is an indoor waterpark, which is situated in the third largest building in the world. It definitely brings something a little different to a traditional waterpark, but with it being indoors, you can visit it all year round – rain or shine. It’s located just 60km from Berlin, and isn’t just a great
place for slides. Tropical Islands also features tropical pools, beaches and a rain forest, to top it
all off. At Tropical Islands there is something for everyone, and it really is one of the best water parks
in Europe.

Waterworld, Cyprus
This water park is themed around ancient Greece, and it is one of the best in Europe by far. You can expect plenty of slides all over the place including Apollo’s Plunge, Odyssey River and The Fall of Icarus just to name a few. It’s a big water park in the heart of Cyprus’ party capital, so you can expect it to be fantastic. From adrenaline pumping slides, to big wave pools, and even slides for non-
swimmers, there’s plenty to do at Waterworld. Be careful though, the floor can get very hot in the summer heat.

Slide & Splash, Portugal
This water park really does offer something a little bit different from your standard water park. It has a huge number of slides just as you might expect, and the park covers 16,000 acres, but that’s not all. At Slide & Splash, there are also a number of falconry, parrot, macaw and reptile shows daily which makes the whole experience even more interesting if you’ve had enough of the slides. You can get to and from the park via a shuttle bus from a number of resorts across the Algarve too so there’s no need to worry about anything.

Aquariaz, France
This water park is located in one of the most unlikely places – in the winter wonderland of the French
Alps. This jungle paradise is the perfect place for both adults and kids, with water jets, slides, pools,
climbing walls and a lazy river. During the winter the outdoor spa is heated so you can get in the hot
tub and soak to your heart’s content.

Have you been to any amazing water parks in Europe?  When ?  Tell us about it in the comments below, we'd love to know about it!

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