Croatia By Sea: An Odyssey Through Time

Croatia By Sea An Odyssey Through Time

With 1,777 kilometers of stunning coastline and over 1,200 islands in the Adriatic sea, Croatia is a must visit country for beach lovers and history buffs alike. You can find Ancient Greek and Roman ruins scattered across this awe-inspiring country. So join us on an odyssey through time to see some of the most Ancient and historical sites there are to see in Croatia.

One of the best ways to travel through Croatia is by sea of course. Having the freedom and comfort of your own yacht charter can make your journey around the Croatian archipelago that much more enjoyable.

Croatia By Sea An Odyssey Through Time

Croatia By Sea: An Odyssey Through Time

Old Town, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, or Kings Landing (if you're a Game of Thrones fan like us) is a logical first stop on our journey. Depending on where you're traveling from, you will most likely be flying into Dubrovnik anyway. And you definitely don't want to miss out on this magnificent city.

Before heading out to sea, consider spending a day or two exploring Dubrovnik old town where you can find gorgeous medieval architecture, bustling street life, cathedrals, and amazing views the top of the Dubrovnik walls that fortify the ancient old town. The walls themselves have a history dating back to the 9th century.

Dubrovnik makes for a great place to dip your toes into Croatian history before setting sail for a new location!

Diocletian’s Palace, Split
Croatia By Sea An Odyssey Through Time, Diocletian’s Palace

Traveling north to Split, we will find another city with an even more ancient history. Before we get to the really old stuff, lets talk about Diocletian's Palace.

Diocletian Palace is actually a 30,000 square meter complex that takes up most of Split's old town. The complex was built in the 4th century the Roman emperor Diocletian after he renounced the throne and settling in Split, which was in the Illyrian province of Rome at the time.

Many people still live and work within the complex. You'll find restaurants, shops, and hotels scattered among the numerous ruins and sites such as the Golden Gate, the Temple of Jupiter, and Diocletian's mausoleum.

Ancient Roman City of Salona, Split
Croatia By Sea An Odyssey Through Time

Salona is one of the largest and most significant sites in Croatia and once held a estimated population of 60,000. The city used to be the capitol of the Roman Dalmatian province and is believed to have been founded in the 3rd century. Don't miss out on a trip to this city lost in time.

Trails through the ancient city are easily marked and provide many informational signs. Some of the largest structures include and aqueducts, bath houses, and the remains of a massive amphitheater. As well as many other smaller structures scattered throughout.

St. Nicholas Fortress, Šibenik Channel
Croatia By Sea: An Odyssey Through Time

Just up the coast from Split lies the St. Nicholas Fortress. Built in the 16th century, the fortress is one of four that once protected ┼áibenik. The St. Nicholas fortress was specifically built on the water to protect the channel from Turkish invaders. It's said that the fortress looked so intimidating that no one every even tried to test it.

Nowadays, people can freely take a stroll inside the massive walls and explore many of the passageways and impressive architecture. You can access the fort by foot on a beach path, but be sure to double check as sometimes it is closed to renovations and the only way into the island is by boat tour.

Pula Arena, Pula
Croatia By Sea: An Odyssey Through Time

Way up north from our other locations in the city of Pula, we will one of the most preserved Roman amphitheaters you can visit. The Pula arena was built in the 1st century during the reign of Emperor Vespasian who was also responsible for the Colosseum. The arena once held up to 20,000 spectators for various brutal tournaments.

Today we can safely visit the arena and takin just how massive of a structure it really is. You can even see a show here if you're lucky. Shows with much less violence of course! It regularly hosts famous artists from around the world. As well as film festivals and even mainstream pop stars. But if you can't make a show while during your trip, it is still more than worth it to visit Pula and see this incredible arena.

These are just a handful of some the the amazing sites to see on your odyssey through time in Croatia. And it wouldn't be much of an odyssey without some time at sea. If you're planning a trip to Croatia I would highly recommend looking into private yacht charters for a part of the trip. They can be more affordable than one may think and nothing beats sailing along the Dalmatian coast in style on your own luxury yacht.

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