How To Find Fun Places To Stay On Holiday

Have you ever read a friend’s Facebook status update of their latest holiday and thought ‘how did they find that great place to stay?’ If you’re tired of staying in 5 star hotels that don’t have any personality then read on to get our tips for booking fun places to stay.

The first thing you need to decide is your own holiday style. Do you want to stay in luxury the whole time you’re away? Will you flip out if your holiday accommodation is not as pristine as you are used to? Are you travelling on a budget or do you have unlimited funds to splurge on your sleeping quarters? Once you’ve decided your own style it will be a lot easier to choose the best accommodation for your holiday. Sometimes being prepared to stay in different accommodation to your usual choice will result in a memorable adventure!

Next you need to cast your net a little wider when looking for places to stay. Don’t just use the big booking websites or a travel agent. Look further afield at sites that offer home stays, house sitting and unusual experiences. A quick Google search of ‘unusual accommodation’ will have you spoiled for choice of fun places to stay on holiday.

Who wouldn’t love to show their friends the photos from that time they stayed in a beer can in Denmark? Or maybe you’re brave enough to try out a Mongolian yurt?

You’ll find exciting accommodation choices located in old prisons, in castles, in monasteries and lighthouses. Renting from private owners means you can stay in houseboats, camper vans or beautifully furnished apartments in local neighborhoods.

There are no limits to what you can find online when you’re searching for great accommodation options. Here are a few more easy ideas to get you started planning your next adventure:
  • Consider taking your kids to sleep in a zoo for a night or two. You won’t quickly forget the sound of lions roaring in the early hours of the morning and your family will get an inside look at the running of a zoo that most people don’t experience.
  • Sleep overnight in an aquarium. Many attractions are looking for extra ways to make money and can offer you the chance to sleep below their watery inhabitants.
  • Look for the smallest hotel in the country you are visiting. Or maybe the largest.
  • Try a themed destination. Disney has mastered the offer of themed accommodation but there’s plenty more out there if you’re prepared to search. Legoland are famed for their specialized hotels and what kid wouldn’t want to sleep in a Lego bunk bed?
  • Consider staying in different communities than your own. You can book accommodation in villages where the inhabitants seem to have stepped back in time. In many places it is a prerequisite to live like the locals do during your stay so you can switch off and chill out.
  • Try an ice hotel for something really cool. Sleeping on an ice bed, surrounded by an ice hotel (and a lot of blankets) could be an amazing adventure for your family. Spend the nights snuggled up and enjoying your unique vacation.
Booking fun places to stay on holiday doesn’t have to be a chore. The Internet has created an almost unlimited amount of information to find everything you could possibly need. Reading blogs like this one is a fabulous way to find out what quirky options you might be able to incorporate into your own plans.

Use our tips to make sure you never have boring holiday accommodation again!

What’s the most unusual holiday accommodation you’ve ever stayed in?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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