A day at Kua Bay, Hawaii

We've been in Hawaii for years now!  One of the very best parts of basing our lives here are all the amazing beaches.  Sometimes it is hard to pick just one but today I can say without a doubt what beach on the Big Island is my favorite......KUA BAY!

Sadly, we live on the opposite side of the island so a trip to our favorite beach is a 2 hour drive one way.  I know, I know, your crying tears for me but 4 hours driving for a day at the beach is quite a bit, right?!

I recently got a new swimsuit from Sorella Swim. It fits amazing and looks even better on.  I am rocking a curvier figure (ahem) at the moment and have such a hard time finding a good fit, this suit is beautiful, comfortable, and so well made I know it will last years.  I knew that was a good enough excuse to take the drive out to Kona side for a fun beach day so off we went!

What we love about Kua Bay is first and foremost the amazingly clear water.  As you drive down from the main road the colors reveal one amazing cove after another finally reaching Kua Bay where the shades of turquoise seem to go on forever.  There are bathrooms and showers, something not all beaches have and something I really appreciate after a long day at the beach with a 2 hour drive home still.

It is more crowded than my absolute favorite, Makalawena beach, (can't get top billing because of lack of services and difficult terrain to get to) but you can access the beach easily and the services make it worth having to deal with a little company.  I've never seen it overwhelmingly busy and we go often.  Plenty of space to set up a tent, bring along some food and drinks, and just relax.

Most days the surf is just perfect, enough to have fun but not so much that it becomes dangerous. That being said we have showed up at the beach for a day of play to be greeted with some serious surf.  Unless you are a very strong swimmer take heed when the swell is up.  The biggest downside is that there are no lifeguards at this beach so be aware of that.  Also in the winter there is sometimes beach erosion making a lot less space.

We played in the sand, built a few sandcastles, buried the kids in the sand, played soccer, body boarded in the surf, relaxed further out where you can just bob over the waves as they roll in, and I got to show off my new suit!   Couple all that with the ever needed Costco run and it all adds up to one fabulous beach day!

And then there is always this for a special treat on that long drive home....

Have you been to Big Island?  Which is your preferred beach?  Why?

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