'Aquaria' Aquarium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Located near the KLCC park and Suria mall is a small but beautifully maintained aquarium, called Aquaria.

Aquaria is located a short walk from KLCC.  There are 2 options, a walk in the park or through the tunnel originating on the ground floor of Suria KLCC mall.  As you approach the aquarium there are several different places to eat which I would suggest as there is no food available inside the aquarium itself.

Now this is not cheap outing compared to other diversions!  We knew it wouldn't be, but it was still hard to swallow the 200RM ($67) bill as we entered.  Amazing how our perspective changes.  Sixty-seven dollars wouldn't but one ticket to Sea World.

That was for all 5 of us and our oldest being 13 counts as an adult but still, we don't spend that much on lodging in a day so that was a tough pill to swallow.  But we were hoping that it would be worth it.  I have found that aquariums are often hit or miss but typically carry the same high entry costs.  I was skeptical.

Once inside you move along through a type of maze ensuring that you pass by all the exhibits.  It is really set up well to steer traffic.  The tanks were all beautifully maintained and the entire facility was very clean.   There are piranhas, sea otters, touch tanks with starfish and sharks, arapaimas, coral reefs, sea horses, and more.

Arapaima, basically an enormous catfish
They had a reptile and arachnid area as well
One of the touch tanks, always a hit!
The highlight though had to be the huge walk through tunnel.   The tank was full of sharks, rays, humongous fish, turtles and so much more.  There is an actual people mover as a walkway in order to keep the crowds moving, but rest assured there is also a small strip of normal non moving ground for all your photo taking moments.

Tip:  Do bring your very best camera equipment.  I had a simple point and shoot and as you can see the photos did not turn out as I would have wanted.  Flash is not allowed and when you couple that with the blue lighting and dark background it's a recipe for a whole lot of unwanted photos that you spent lots of time trying to perfect.  Thank goodness for digital!

That is one huge fish!
One of my favorites, look at that smile!

In the tunnel
Tip: Do take your time in the tunnel because once you leave it you are not allowed back in.  A definite negative to Aquaria in my opinion!

The aquarium also offers special programs, feeding shows, overnight camps, and diving with sharks.  Feeding shows are included in the entrance but the camps and swimming with sharks come with an added fee.  If you have a spare afternoon, be sure to visit!

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