Getaway To St Lucia For A Heavenly Island Escape

Looking for a different kind of getaway? Why not plan a visit to St Lucia, a heavenly island escape. The beauty of this island is comparable to no place you know. St Lucia is full of natural wonder that will make you think you’ve stepped into your favourite tropical movie!

St Lucia Resorts
St Lucia has multiple award winning resorts and these are the backbone of the St Lucia economy. There’s really not a bad place you could stay! If you’ve decided to visit this gorgeous island and have started your search for St Lucia deals you’ll see exactly what we mean. Service at these resorts is amazing and the staff strives to make sure you have a great holiday and want to return to their little patch of the world.

You could very easily spend your entire time on St Lucia lazing by the pool or exploring the beautiful beaches. A beach holiday is one of the most relaxing breaks there is. If you’re up for a bit more excitement on your break however, read on for some amazing attractions this island paradise has to offer.

St Lucia Attractions
Apart from tropical beach locations, St Lucia has many festivals that might attract your attention. The biggest Jazz festival is held every year in May and is, very originally, titled The Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. The festival goes for 12 days – that’s one serious Jazz festival! You don’t have to attend only paid events either. The festival has expanded to such a size that there are plenty of side events that cost very little or are even free. Always great if you’re travelling with kids on a budget!

You can visit the drive-in volcano at Sulfur Springs if you’re up for it. That’s not something you get to experience every day! If you have a car you can drive right up to the crater and straight through the volcano. This is apparently the only place in the world where you can drive through a volcano.

The smell of rotten egg gas will be a great memory trigger for the family in years to come too. *Mom burns the breakfast omelet* kids say “Remember that time we drove through that volcano………? “

There are botanical gardens, rain forests and the Pigeon Island National Park if you yearn to fulfill your love of nature on your St Lucia holiday. The twin peaks of The Pitons offer the best place to go for hiking and enjoying amazing views of the island. One is a fairly easy hike that most people could accomplish and the other is really a climb that requires the right equipment.

There are many places on this Island that will take you captive. Remember to pack your camera so that if you do venture off the beach you can capture all those amazing sights to look back on!

So tell us your experience. If you holiday at a beach paradise do you bother to search for other things to do?

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