Jamaica – A Holiday That Revolves Around Water

Jamaica is an island with golden beaches and charismatic blue waters and is a perfect place for you to spend your next vacation. When you plan your next summer holidays to Jamaica, you can absorb the beauty of this heavenly island. In this serene and stunningly beautiful place you can take part in loads of water activities that will make this a memorable break.

A lot of Jamaican life is all about the water. If you’re keen to have a water holiday then have a look at all the activities you can plan.
  • You can surf in Jamaica (hire a board or bring your own).
  • Climb a waterfall. There are plenty of waterfalls for you to visit and even swim in. When you pack your lunch you can have a whole day’s outing splashing about.
  • Water parks are abundant if your kids want to hit the slides for the day. If they are old enough this can be a great way for you to have a relaxing day while they take themselves on all the hair-raising slides! Of course you might not want to miss out and can definitely join them!
  • River rafting is available in Jamaica.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving are great activities that the whole family can do together. Seeing fish swimming past you is one of the most awesome experiences you can have. It’s great for kids to understand just how much is out there in the water with them too! And how many different types of marine life rely on clean water to survive. Seeing this first hand is so much better than reading about it in a book or seeing it on TV in a documentary.
  • Hire a boat and go fishing. Or just cruise around the waterways enjoying the sun and the breeze! You can even hire boats and overnight in the crystal clear waters.
  • Speaking of nights on boats, do not miss the ocean phosphorescence! This is an amazing spectacle and you can swim in the lagoon and see your own body lit up! Awesome!
  • Visit the Pelican Bar on the southwest coast. This bar needs a taxi ride and then a boat to get you out to it! It’s built on a sandbar on stilts and would be a fun addition to your water holiday plans!
  • And of course there’s the beaches. You can stroll along them for miles, collect shells, build sandcastles or just have a day lazing around with the kids. Beaches with pristine sand like you see in Jamaica will be the ones you remember for a lifetime.
Spending quality time with your family is easy when you plan a holiday that revolves around water. Kids love water play and water activities and it is easy to find some that every age group can enjoy together. Whether you want free stuff to do or you’re happy to outlay a bit of cash, Jamaica has everything you need to keep you all amused!

Just remember the sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a great day out like a nasty case of sunburn!

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