5 Easy Ways To Save Your Budget In New York

When you tell people you’re planning a visit to New York one of the first things most people will mention is the expense of a visit to the Big Apple. Especially when people know you are traveling on a budget.

But New York doesn’t have to be as expensive as everyone thinks. There are loads of ways to reduce your costs and still have a great time while you are there.

Here’s 5 ways to save your budget on your next visit to New York:
  • Save on accommodation by searching for deals to New York. Every cent you save on your sleeping arrangements is cash you can spend exploring.  Ask around for reasonably priced accommodation others have used and go by the rule of never paying full price!
  • Don’t underestimate the amount of cheap food available. You can get 99c pizza slices if you keep an eye out. Or two slices and a soda for $2.99.  New York pizza slices are huge so this will fill you up for ages. Subway is a great cheap meal when you go for the $5 special too – it’s nice to have a healthy option available. Bagels, muffins, hot dogs and all kinds of other snacks are sold on street corners – be sure to ask how much they are if there are no prices. I’ve heard of people paying $15 for a bagel with cream cheese just because they didn’t ask the price before purchasing! Be prepared to seek out the cheap stuff!
  • Make the most of free attractions. You might not be aware how much free stuff there is to do in New York. A visit to FAO Schwarz toy store is super fun and will keep your kids entertained for ages. They even have that piano from the movie BIG that you can jump on! Central Park is a huge space with play equipment, room for a picnic and bikes available for hire. Be sure to barter the price of the bikes down – the price is always negotiable. A visit to the Natural History Museum is a great day out. Entry is a recommended amount. If you’re brave enough to be cheap you can get in without paying anything! And don’t forget the Staten Island Ferry. You can ride the ferry to Staten Island and take loads of photos as you pass the Statue of Liberty both ways. All for free!
  • Along the same lines, think outside the box and you can enjoy things like churches, world famous parks, public libraries and all for free as well.  They don't really count as tourist destinations but trust me they are as much a part of NYC as any zoo, museum, or tower.
  • Walk a lot. The subway isn’t expensive in New York but you can save money by being aware of where things are. You might not realize that you are just a few blocks from where you want to be and can easily walk there. It’s easy to get a map and do a quick check before you cough up for a ticket.
As you can see there are some easy ways to stretch your budget when you visit New York. With a bit of planning and a keen eye for a bargain you’ll have a great visit and spend a lot less than you thought possible!

What other ways can visitors save money in New York?

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