The Beauty Of Caribbean All Inclusives With Kids

Ahhh…the all inclusive resort. We’ve talked about them a couple of times here before at Bohemian Travelers. When you travel with kids they kinda tick all the boxes for awesome family fun!
An all inclusive in the Caribbean is just the next step up from fabulous! Not only will you generally have access to multiple spectacular swimming pools, you have the added benefit in the Caribbean of adding gorgeous beaches to the mix. To an adult the beach or the pool might both be just another place to swim. To a kid they are two very different experiences.

On the beach there are waves and shells and sticks. There’s the chance to find a creature or two washed up on the sand. You can make a sand castle or listen to the ocean in a shell held to your ear. Big and small kids alike love to dig enormous holes on the beach too!

At the swimming pool kids get to have a safe swim, often romping with others in the water. There’s no sand to get in eyes or swimmers or ears. They can swim underwater and not come face to face with a fish! Always helpful if your little person is a little bit afraid in the ocean.

The ease of a Caribbean all inclusive resort is a fabulous selling point for families with children. The point of an all-inclusive is to be easy on your wallet and easy on your planning. So you’ll usually find that the resort goes all out to make your stay amazing!

From sumptuous buffets, convenient cafes and specialty restaurants you will discover there is plenty to suit even the pickiest of eaters. With drinks included you won’t even have to watch your tab mounting up every time your kids order another soda! That one point right there makes all the other reasons pale into insignificance. What parent wants to tell their child ‘I know you’re thirsty but I don’t want to pay another 4 bucks for a drink for you?’

Kids clubs are included in the price although you usually have to pay extra if you need some one-on-one babysitting. You’ll probably find the time you have to yourself during kids club will leave you feeling refreshed and not really in need of the babysitting services.

All inclusive resorts have loads of activities included in the price. Generally anything motorized or requiring staff supervision has an added cost. Kids love anything that’s new to them so you’ll find yours (depending on their age) can try tennis, windsurfing, canoeing and any number of other fun activities.

And the best thing about all that swimming, digging, canoeing and general busy-ness? Your kids will be bone tired and will crash out when it’s time for bed! No more trying to get up for ‘just another minute’ watching TV. Kids who have full days having fun need the rest so they can do it all again tomorrow!

What do you think is the greatest benefit to a Caribbean all inclusive experience?

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