Let The Kids Plan Your Next Trip to Disney Florida

Planning holidays is a time consuming activity. Which is why us parents should embrace the perfect opportunity to hand this task over to the kids when we decide to head to Walt Disney World!

Of course you can’t hand over every single detail of the planning (who wants to spend 5 days in the Magic Kingdom?) But including your kids in the decision-making process does give you a chance to make sure they have a great time and it can relieve some of the pressure from you.

First you should decide where you want to stay. There are plenty of villas near Disney Florida so this should be a no-brainer!

Then let the kids know your budget and approximately how many days you think you can handle in the Disney theme park environment. After that you can give options to your kids and let them choose.

Download a Disney Parks map from the web and let the kids get to work planning their days. Which rides will you go on first? How should you mix up the activities to suit younger and older children so no one is bored? Do the kids think you should concentrate on one section of the park at a time or do they think they should walk all over every section and get tired out quicker? How will they make sure they see all the parades and characters as well as fit in all of the rides?

You’ll be surprised how logical kids can be if you just give them the opportunity to give you their opinion!

Depending on your budget you can even let your kids choose where you eat lunch and what type of souvenirs they might like to purchase. Most kids (except for the very young) are capable of choosing a little something to take home that stays within the budget you have given them. Many love the challenge of finding just the right trinket and will be thrilled to show you how well they did at choosing.

This can be fun too!
If your budget is very strict be sure to let your kids decide on some activities that don’t cost too much. Perhaps an extra day swimming in the pool and cutting down a day spent at Disney is something the kids might like. Everyone loves a rest day in the pool – kids even love the pool when it’s raining!

Searching for hidden Mickeys can be a fun activity at Disney World. It costs nothing and can keep the kids amused for ages. You can get hints before you go from the Internet and if you’re really into searching for Mickey there are books you can purchase which give plenty of locations to look out for. Even adults will be fascinated at just where Mickey turns up!

A trip to Walt Disney World in Florida doesn’t have to take hours of your planning time. Get the kids involved and see how much more fun they have knowing that they chose exactly what they wanted to do on the day. Who knows, they might even discover something you had no idea existed!

How much of your Disney holiday would you be prepared to let your kids plan?

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