Scandinavian ski destinations

Every winter, thousands of active holidaymakers choose a skiing holiday and it is easy to see why. With stunning views, thrilling slopes and cosy lodges, who wouldn’t want to escape on one of these epic winter getaways?

While Switzerland, France and Canada may be the most popular skiing destinations, Scandinavia actually has a lot to offer too. Not only has it produced some of the greatest snowboarders and skiers in the world, the extensive range of snowy mountains and long winters makes Scandinavia a great choice for your winter holiday.

We’ve picked out some of the best Scandinavian ski resorts so you can start planning your snowy adventure.

Where to go

The ski resort of Branäs in Sweden is the perfect choice if you are planning to travel with your little ones in tow. This is a compact resort, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice with families.
There are a range of slopes to suit everybody’s preferences, including ones perfect for children. Branäs also boasts a range of activities off the slope too. With a children’s play area and cosy lodge, the whole family will feel right at home in this Swedish ski resort.

Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland, and definitely one of the best. Centrally located amongst areas of outstanding natural beauty, the resort has a range of natural pistes and slopes that feature snow making technology. Such technology involves the process of creating snow via a snow cannon, meaning the slopes will be extremely well-maintained. Whether you’re looking to improve your speed, or simply try out your skiing skills, Levi caters for all.

When it’s time to ditch the mountains, Levi also has a bustling night life, making it the perfect choice for holidaymakers looking for the best of both worlds. You may want to pack your camera too, as Levi is well known for providing exceptional views of Aurora Borealis – or more commonly, The Northern Lights.


If you consider yourself something of a skiing expert, the Norwegian resort of Hemsedel is a great choice. While it may not be the biggest or the most popular resort in Norway, its high mountain tracks and steep slopes are enough to challenge even the most experienced skier.

With slopes opening at 7.30am daily, you can really make the most of your time on the piste.

Be Prepared
If you are planning on hitting the Scandinavian slopes this year, make sure you have all the essentials before you go.

  • Warmth and practicality are key, so you’ll need to invest in some quality skiing essentials. You’ll need base layers, a thick outdoor coat and of course a hat, scarf and gloves. You can easily find a comprehensive checklist of everything you’ll need to enjoy your skiing holiday online.
  • You can pick up a great range of skiing gear from Craigdon Mountain Sports, which will leave you fully prepared for your trip.
  • When it comes to booking your trip, there are a number of companies available that specialise in providing skiing holidays. These will take care of everything from flights to accommodation, leaving you stress-free.
  • Don’t forget to get your travel insurance too. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, spend a little more and make sure your policy is suitable for an active holiday, where a risk of injury is higher – those slopes can be dangerous!

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