Best Places to Ski in South America

While people in the northern hemisphere are gearing up for beach vacations, South America is settling in for the winter. If you are an avid skier or snowboarder, you can try out the slopes south of the equator for your own summer vacation.

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The South American winters are from June through October. Peak skis season is from July through August. Argentina and Chile are two of the most well-known countries for snow skiing thanks to the Andes Mountains with peaks reaching 3,000 meters.

The terrain offers plenty of challenge for the experienced skier, with some of the steepest off-piste powder in the world. Plus, well-groomed runs and open areas welcome those that are still new to skiing.

You can find accommodations at plush resorts as well as smaller establishments throughout both countries. Visitors have said that skiing in South America combines the high peaks of North American ski spots and the fine powder of European slopes.


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Lift tickets in Argentina can cost you as little as $35 during the peak season and drops to $25 during the “shoulders” of the season. Whether you prefer a small hotel or large resort, you can find plenty of welcoming places to stay during your ski vacation in many towns close to the mountains.

Some of the best ski towns include San Martin de los Andes, home of the Chapelco resort, Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Esquel, and Las Lenas.

If you are a fan of tree skiing, then San Martin is one place to stop on your ski vacation. Advanced skiers will love the steep peaks at the top while novices will enjoy the less-steep runs on the lower areas. The terrain is varied enough to keep everyone happy. The town is less crowded than some of the others, like Bariloche.

Bariloche is a popular place for tourists and resident skiers alike. That can mean long waits in the lift lines. However, it is a large area to explore and you will find plenty of different runs to keep you busy and satisfied. The view is one that will take your breath away and the locals make you feel welcome.

Villa La Angostura is a family-friendly town and therefore offers a lot more beginner and intermediate slopes. It is good for a short visit or to take the kids for an unexpected ski trip during their summer vacation.


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The best ski areas are located about one to two hours outside of Santiago. Farrelones and Colorado offer many hotel and resort options. The ski slopes are varied and you can find runs suited for each level of skier.

Valle Nevado has many hotel options as well as dining choices. It offers the most modern ski facilities and almost 30 miles of skiing surface. There is also a designated Snowboard Park for those who prefer a snowboard to skis.

Planning a ski trip to South America can be a great and affordable way to spend your summer. However, most travelers will recommend that you bring your own ski equipment since many of the rentals can be out-dated. The peaks of the Andes will offer breathtaking views during your stay and you will even be close enough to make a trip to the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, which has 47 huge glaciers. A sight that should not be missed!

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  1. Argentina will give the maximum entertainment for the money, because it makes the atmosphere bit more special then the rest.

  2. Wow! The scenery is fantastic! Definitely we can have lots of fun out there with the best ski runs. the various ski areas offer the perfect mix of impressive views and a wonderful atmosphere.