Peru, Is it on Your Travel Bucket List Yet?

Peru is a magical and beautiful place to visit.  At least I think it will be.  Peru is one of the spots that we have not managed to get to yet is high up on our bucket list.  We are hoping to get there next year to explore this "Empire of Hidden Treasures".

Machu Pichu has always held some type of allure over me ever since I read about the ancient Inca civilization back in middle school.  Since then I have done years worth of research and I know that Peru is so much more than the iconic ruins the country is so famous for.

Peru has come a long way since the days when places like Machu Pichu were thriving cities. Now you can witness historical culture around the country while at the same time bask in the modern infrastructure the country can provide.  I think perhaps that is one of the great wonders of the country; the stark differences.  Set beside a jaw dropping landscape lies, as the video below puts it an "Empire of Hidden Treasures" and a luxury beyond your wildest dreams.  Watch and see for yourself....

Watch the above film and you will see for yourself how amazing this country is.  The video will take you on a journey through ancient ruins to a retreat full of luxury like you probably did not know existed in Peru, or South America for that matter.  It goes on to show glimpses of the spectacular services you can expect as well as whet your appetite with the scrumptious foods on offer.

My favorite line from the video is "don't just watch the video, live it"!  I feel that way about almost everything in life.  Don't just dream it, go for it and make those dreams happen.  It doesn't matter if it is travel related or not!  So if Peru is a spot you have dreamed of don't stop here by watching the video, do what it takes to make that dream trip a reality!

As you can see, Peru really is a breath-taking place to visit, where you can take advantage of modern touristic commodities amongst the backdrop of a historically renowned environment.  I know I can't wait to go!  How about you?

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