Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020

Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, campsite
Escaping the chaos of society to enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors has been a popular hobby since long before all of this COVID business, but with social distancing playing a bigger part in our lives, camping has become one the best options for families wanting to get out and do something this summer.

Maybe you prefer bringing whole outdoor kitchens with you and having access to a real bathroom in full glamping style. Or maybe you want to get out in the woods for a more intense camping experience (bathroom not included). Most of the places we will discuss in this post have a wide variety of campsite options to choose from.

Best Places to go Camping in the United States 2020

Joshua Tree National Park, California
Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree National park is probably the most unique of the parks in this article. Located in the middle of the Colorado and Mojave desert Joshua Tree is one of the few really dry places where camping can be very enjoyable. 

There are plenty of great hikes in Joshua Tree, but what makes this park so cool is the landscape. Super dry desert with wild rock formations all around you. In fact, most of the campgrounds in the park are surrounded by these natural playgrounds as I like to call them. Keep an eye on the weather if you plan on camping in Joshua Tree during the summer as it can get extremely hot!

Acadia National Park, Maine
Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, Acadia National Park
As summer is coming to an end, maybe you want to go camping in the winter? No problem! Acadia National Park features campgrounds that are open all year round with certain restrictions. You can enjoy this 17-million acre forest and the 6,000 lakes and ponds within it all year round. If you plan on camping in Acadia in the winter make sure you're prepared for the cold! As it can get as cold as 10F/-21C.

If you plan to camp during prime time, it’s suggested that you make a reservation at a lot of these campgrounds because of how popular the area is. Surrounding the area, you’ll find stunning lighthouses, beautiful nature, wildlife creatures, and great seafood.

Yosemite National Park, California
Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, Yosemite National Park
I’m sure this is a name that you are familiar with. Yosemite National Park has been protected since 1864 and is known for having some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole country. In this 1,200 square mile park, you can enjoy meadows, sequoias, the wilderness areas, and deep valleys with stunning cliff faces.

Camping is extremely popular in this park. There are three areas that offer camping with multiple different campgrounds in each area. These all have their own opening and closing date as well as what is allowed in the park and what isn’t in terms of travel and sleep. Most campgrounds allow RV’s, so if that’s how you’re traveling, you’ll be in luck. 

You can also find many campsites deeper in the park if you plan on a multiday hike like climbing Half Dome. You may require a permit though so be sure to research beforehand. 

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas
Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, Ozark National Forest
Arkansas has a gorgeous landscape that is often overlooked. In the Ozark National Forest alone you have access to nine beaches, thousands of acres of lakes and streams, and 400 miles of hiking trails. Ozark National Forest is a place to get out and experience nature at its finest.

There are over 20 developed campgrounds in the area. Plenty of options for tent or RV camping. Keep in mind, some of the campsites may still be closed due to COVID, however, many are starting to open up again now.

The Adirondack Park, New York
Best Places to Go Camping in the United States 2020, Adirondack Park
The Adirondack Park is one of the largest national parks in the United States. It’s bigger than the Everglades, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National parks combined. It has an area of 6 million acres and half of it has been constitutionally protected by the forest preserve to remain forever wild.

Inside this massive area, you’ll find an enormous variety of campgrounds for your family to enjoy. These include RV parks, tents, and others. Since this is such a large area with tons of mountains, steep cliffs, lakes, and valleys.

Camping is one of the best ways to have a break from the insanity that is 2020. I hope this post on the best places to go camping in the United States helps you find your next outdoor adventure! Let us know your favorite place to camp below!

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