7 Useful Tips to Produce a Holiday Drone Video

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Drones are becoming increasingly common, drawing new laws worldwide. In individual countries, drone law is evolving and it can be complicated to know and understand where drone use is allowed and how much freedom is given to the video maker. Drones are not toys, they are tools that must be used delicately and the laws governing them (different for each country) must be respected.

The local drone legislation is the duty of every vlogger and video maker: for if they are not obeyed can lead to facing a penalty. Making drone videos are growing popular and the audience seems to like it. If you are also an upcoming drone video maker, then you have come to the right place in search of guidance!

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to produce a holiday drone video. If you're looking to learn more about recording videos from the ground see our other post.

7 useful tips to produce a holiday drone video

Go Slow
Slow shooting is film-based which generates the impression of shooting from higher platforms like helicopters. It would certainly increase the work's quality efficiency. Slowly, you can even monitor the video you seek to record and create it. Slow shooting reciprocates stability and you can also change your production once you have a stable video. Never rush your shots because perfection is achieved through patience.

Flying Low for Cinematic Experience
Low and slow-mo shots are always seen as appealing and professional. Low flight and slowly increasing altitude is an excellent way to create your video, irrespective of whether you want to pose a landscape or a city skyline. Curiosity builds up and the viewer wants to participate. You can also slowly increase the altitude and in order to not bore your audience, you can hyper-lapse it to create a great effect.

Aerial Drone Shot

Keep a Spare Battery
If you’re going wilderness shooting or even going to the park to get a bird’s eye view of the city, you wouldn’t want to end your shoot because of a low battery. In order to avoid an unforeseen end to a great trip, be sure to add an extra battery to your packing list for your drone and stroll the sceneries without a problem!

Shoot RAW
When you want to produce high-end films, you often have to rely on aftercare for imaginative film effects. Shooting in RAW is where it all starts. No film is made in on the fly, except maybe posting Instagram videos from your phone, of course. RAW shooting offers you the chance to boost the accuracy of your photos/videos and present your audience with high-quality stuff first hand. Don't think about anything else when you are uploading your shots for the first time.

Get a Professional Edit
No one wants a poor editor on the wheels of your great video! Make sure you edit the videos you made professionally or hire a professional video editor because if a poor edit is performed it can ruin the time you put into recording it. Don’t back out on the video edit because post-processing for lights, shaders, textures, HDR and many more factors are responsible for a good drone video. Some people prefer to do their own Drone video editing while some like to hire a professional to make the most of their video.

A good edit can make or break a done video's popularity, so be sure to take some time to either learn more about the editing process or look into hiring someone to make sure your holiday drone video is as great as it can be.

Aerial Island Shot

Shaking is a turnoff

Constantly shaking the camera while recording is very unappealing to the viewers. It would be best to get a drone camera with stabilizers so that you don’t constantly shake in the footage, be sure to fly straight and do not cross windy paths in your video. The wind is sometimes unavoidable, but you can keep track of the weather before you shoot. Try and keep your drone as steady as possible with the controls. This may be most difficult depending on the stability of your drone so be sure to consider that as well if you are just getting into drone videography.

While you can check the weather predictions, the weather is highly unpredictable and wind can interfere without warning, in such cases it is best to cut that portion out from your final video no matter the beautiful scenery it caught in that moment. The shaking can take away all the attention from your video and is very unattractive for your viewers.

Adding Music and Effects
As mentioned above, editing is a major part of the video to make it appealing. If you caught great shots but your editing is weak then the whole video can be seen as bad quality. Adding music also plays a major role in making the video appealing.

The sound effects applied to the video often vary significantly, changing camera positions due to the inserted music provides a rather enticing environment. If you introduce a trance soundtrack, make sure any beat in the trance is placed appropriately with the video.

Music plays a significant role in the film, some videos used soundtracks to suit the listener's heart rhythm and viewers didn't get it, but they became curious when they saw these videos. A video with the appropriate music has been known to draw people's attention. Music changes the whole experience of viewing the video so it has a huge role in making something appealing or unappealing to the viewers.

We hope this guide will help you in your effort to get into making drone videos. Just like any art form, it can take some time to master, but if it is something you enjoy doing it is well worth the practice. And you will end up with some magnificent footage. 

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