Five of the Best Vintage Markets in London

London is riddled with vintage markets in almost every one of its thirty-two boroughs. The iconic capital of England is famous for its market stalls selling valuable antiques, silverware, porcelain sets, bric-a-brac, and limited edition hardcover classic novels. If you are thinking of buying a flight from Perth to London and want to bring a one-of-a-kind souvenir home from your travels to the capital, below is a list of five vintage markets in London that will ensure you return to Perth with a special memento from your trip.

Here are five of the Best Vintage Markets in London

1 Old Spitalfields Market
Located in east London and built in the 1880s, Old Spitalfields Market is one of the biggest and busiest marketplaces in London. At this market, you’ll find market stalls selling arts and crafts, vintage clothing, vintage dining sets, vinyl records, vintage books, maps, furniture, and household collectibles. The market also has a vast assortment of restaurants and street food vendors whose food and seating areas will give you the break you’ll probably need after your sightseeing, shopping, and walking around the market floor. Old Spitalfields Market is segmented into the general market, the daily markets, the kitchens, and the shops. Each of these sections has various opening and closing times, so please the official website for further details. 

2 Jubilee Market
The Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden is home to Jubilee Market; it was officially opened by the Queen in 1987 and runs along Tavistock Street in London. The market has a wide variety of arts and crafts stalls. Jewelry, vintage clothing, antiques, furniture can be found at its many stalls, and there is also a wide choice of food vendors at the market. Certain days of the week are solely dedicated to antiques and collectibles, general market items, and arts and crafts items. Jubilee Market is open every day, but the opening and closing hours vary from day to day, so please check the official website for these times.

3 Bermondsey Square Antiques Market
In the bustling borough of Southwark, South London, you will find Bermondsey Square Antiques Market. Operating since 1855, this market is devoted to grand china sets, silver kitchenware, and cutlery, glassware, pottery, and furniture. The sole focus of the market is antiques, however, you will also find several stalls selling fashion, arts and crafts, and street food. The market is open daily from 6.00am to 2.00pm.

4 Hackney Flea Market
Hackney Flea Market opens up for two days every month. Stallholders and traders vary from month to month, so you can be sure of the uniqueness of the items sold at this market. Creative independent businesses specializing in fashion, textiles, jewelry, antiques, furniture, vinyl records, vintage clothing, glassware, and ceramics come together to showcase the best of their handcrafted items. Car-boot-sales type items with a rich history can also be found at any of the market stalls, and you will also come across up-and-coming designers selling limited editions of their art and craft carefully designed and created by hand. 
In addition to this eclectic mix of household goods, clothes, and collectibles, there are on-site caf├ęs and vibrant music to liven up the atmosphere. Hackney Flea Market is open monthly so please check its official website for specific dates and times in advance.

5 Portobello Road Market
Portobello Road Market is one of the world’s largest antique markets. It houses over a thousand dealers and their items ranging from vintage cameras and porcelain to vintage stamps and fine art. Pubs, restaurants, and boutiques surround the market, and the side roads, alleys, and back lanes are home to even more antique dealers. Portobello Road Market is open every day, but the opening and closing hours vary from day to day, so please check the official website for these times. 
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