Alternative things to do in Orlando with kids

When it comes to things to do in Orlando, it’s no surprise that the city’s famed line-up of theme parks takes up most, if not all of the action. Both Disney and Universal dominate the tourist market here, with 9 different parks between them, not to mention all the branded shopping, dining and nightlife experiences that don’t require an expensive day-pass.

It’s easy to forget that there are so many more things to do in Orlando with kids than just theme parks. Today we’re going to talk about some of the lesser-known attractions Orlando has to offer.

Here is our list of the best alternative things to do in Orlando with kids

Kennedy Space center
Thanks to Orlando’s tourism boom, the Kennedy Space Center has become so much more than just NASA’s rocket launch headquarters. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features educational and engaging “Mission Zones” where attractions and tours are organized by chronological era–from the beginning of space exploration to current and ongoing projects in space. The visitor Complex houses some of the most famous rockets and shuttles including the colossal Saturn V Rocket that took us to the moon and the newer Atlantis space shuttle. As well as many other pieces of equipment used for space flight.

Just a 45-minute drive from the center of Orlando you can meet real astronauts, see rockets, experience flight simulations, and even see a real launch if you plan your trip at the right time. Check the Kennedy Space Center schedule of events and see if you can plan your visit around any of the upcoming launches. Launch viewing is included with all general admission tickets to the Kennedy Space Center which are about $50.

The Beach
Okay so the beach may not exactly be in Orlando, but if you have an extra day to fill and you don’t have other plans to visit the beach while in Florida it can be a great addition to your trip. You can easily pick up a car rental in Orlando and make a day out of it. The coast is about an hour from the city and lined with public beaches that are well worth the drive.

Gatorland: The Alligator Capital of The World
Anyone who knows anything about Florida knows that alligators are pretty much everywhere. Although it’s unlikely to see wild alligators in the city (thank god!), but there is a place you can go to get a full Florida gator experience.

Gatorland is a 110-acre “theme park” and wildlife preserve is filled with engaging exhibits, exciting rides, and thrilling gator-themed entertainment. There are multiple gator feeding shows happening every day as well as up-close experiences with some of the parks less dangerous animals. Entrance is very reasonable, too, with this being one of the cheapest of Orlando’s many tourist attractions. You do pay a little extra for things like the zipline and gator training sessions, though.

Dinner and a Show?
Orlando is home to many wonderful dinner theaters. For those who don’t know, a dinner theater is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You can pick from a plethora of themed restaurants and enjoy your meal while watching a live interactive show. Outta Control Dinner Show is an improv comedy/magic show that is appropriate for all ages. And the Pirate dinner adventure is a stunning pirate-themed, acrobatic show the whole family will love.

Wonderworks is a unique science museum. You’ll know when you’ve arrived when you see the huge building turned upside down by a terrifying tornado. Children are immediately pulled in by the wacky design and even more so by the 100+ hands-on exhibits. Visiting Wonderworks is the perfect way to combine your fun with educational elements on your family trip to Orlando. And a more affordable one. Entrances fees range from $25 for kids to $33 for adults.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando
The SEA LIFE aquarium does a great job providing visitors, and especially young visitors, with experiences that are up close and personal. You get to view the underwater world through plexiglass windows and tunnels. As well as the hands-on touch pool experience. This is a visually stunning experience for adults and an educational one for children.

There are far too many attractions in Orlando to include all of them in this article, but we tried to cover some of the best alternative things to do in Orlando with kids. Any of these activities are bound to add loads of excitement to your trip. Getting from place to place with the whole family can be a bit tough if you don’t have a car with you so be sure to book a car rental in Orlando so you don’t have to worry about it.

I hope you found something new and exciting to experience on your trip to Orlando in this article. Do you have a favorite attraction in Orlando aside from the big theme parks? Let us know in the comments!

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