Orlando: Not Just Theme Parks For Kids

Orlando, Florida, offers possibly some of the most varied activities for families of any popular holiday destination. No matter what age group you’re taking along for some fun, there’s sure to be something to keep them busy and entertained.

Family holidays in Orlando often centre around a theme park adventure. There are so many on offer that you could be forgiven for thinking that’s the only thing to do there. When you can purchase an unlimited 14-day pass that gets you in to 5 different theme parks, it’s hard to imagine finding the time to do any further exploring!

But Orlando really is so much more than theme park rides and all-you-can-eat buffets!

I’ve just done a quick Internet search of things to do in Orlando and of course every single article has theme parks in at least the top 5 positions. So I’ve dug a little further to give you some real options if theme parks will only keep you occupied for part of your time in Florida.

How about taking the family jet skiing on the beach? Or perhaps your crew is even brave enough to go paragliding? When you get tired of the beach a round of golf could be on the cards for the mad keen golfers in your family. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t hire a set of clubs and get some exercise in by walking the course.

Hot air ballooning is another activity that definitely adds something special to any holiday. There’s something about the excitement of getting up before dawn and watching the sun rise as you sail quietly through the air. (Not sure we could ever really get up early enough to experience this particular activity!)

How about hand feeding giraffes at Busch Gardens and enjoying a drive in an open-air safari truck to see antelopes and zebras in their own surroundings? This experience might be as close as you’ll ever get to an African safari. Imagine the photographs you’ll bring home to all your friends!

If your family enjoys shows, Orlando is a great place to see the world famous Blue Man Group. Without uttering a single word the blue painted ones will keep you entertained for several hours.

Should you really be content to spend the majority of your holiday time at theme parks, be sure to include GatorLand on your itinerary. Who doesn’t want to see giant Alligators just a hop, skip and a jump from Walt Disney World? And the kids can learn something while you’re here too.

Planning your Florida holiday will be particularly interesting if you include some activities outside the normal tourist spots. If you are there for an extended period of time make sure you include some relaxation days to recover from theme parks, shopping, swimming and all the other adventures you’ll have.

Keeping the kids refreshed is one of the best things you can do to ensure you have a great time whenever you venture outside the hotel. And if you stay in a cool Disney hotel the kids will have built in entertainment without you having to lift a finger!

Do you have any other suggestions for interesting things to do in Orlando, Florida?

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  1. I lived in Orlando for 5 years and am a native Floridian. Good start to the list, but I would add: Gatorland, an air boat ride, grab a meal at one of the many fish camps along the rivers, or a visit to one of the many natural springs (Blue, Crystal, Wekiva).

    1. Thanks, those are great ideas. I have actually been to Gatorland and it was really cool.