The Most Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads May Not be the Best Option

While anyone interested in travel blogging has the dream of becoming a digital nomad, which is someone who works remotely and uses travel as a way to make a living, it is not as easy as it sounds. First, you need to have the avenue to make money, and then many of the destinations people want to see are not the best places for living and working. Most people want to sit on the beach while making money, but you usually need an environment that is conducive to being on the computer.

The Most Popular Destinations For Digital Nomads

The most popular continent for digital nomads is Europe, but it has both pros and cons for the lifestyle. While it is full of cafes that have Wi-Fi, great internet connection at hotels, and countless destinations to see, it is not the cheapest place to work and travel. In fact, it boasts some of the most expensive cities to visit. The ability to get the work done is quite possibly the most important aspect of the lifestyle, but affording where you are staying is another pivotal component. 

On the other hand, parts of Asia are much cheaper places to stay, but the internet connection and access to Wi-Fi can be spotty. The continent boasts beautiful landscapes, unspoiled culture, and many opportunities for great experiences, but it isn’t the best place to get stuff done.

Still, the most popular destination for people living the digital nomad lifestyle is Bali. Not only is Indonesia, and Bali in particular, beautiful, it is also a cheap place to live. According to the site MoneyPug, which is used to compare holidays, the same goes for Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand. Though Bali and Thailand—in addition to Budapest, Berlin, and Seoul—make up some of the most populations, how do they stack up when you really analyze the pros and cons of living a digital lifestyle?

The Most Feasible Destinations For Digital Nomads

There appear to be large differences in the destinations that are popular and those that are conducive to the digital nomad lifestyle. Though much of Europe is expensive, many of their countries make it into the best destinations for digital nomads.

For example, according to a recent study of the most livable destinations for digital nomads, the best country is Estonia. Followed by Finland, Norway, and Denmark, it is clear that Northern Europe has an advantage as far as the balance between price and accessibility goes. After these destinations, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the United States all make the top ten. Notice that Indonesia, Thailand, Hungary, Germany, and South Korea don’t make this top ten list.

South Korea is the top out of these countries, falling all the way to 27th on the list of 68 countries. This is followed by Hungary at number 36, Thailand at number 47, Germany at 53, and Indonesia at number 62. Needless to say, there is a disparity between where digital nomads want to go and where they should go.

Security vs. Experiences

This is not surprising, the top ten countries, except for maybe Israel and the United States, are extremely safe and prosperous. It goes without saying that security is a great component of a place to make your home for a while, but it doesn’t always lead to unforgettable experiences.

They all boast great spots to post on Instagram, but none provide that risky, exciting vibe that people look for when they travel abroad. The only Asian country that made it onto the list was Singapore, which is known both for its security, its no-nonsense government, its food, and its mix of cultures. Singapore is a destination people want to travel to, but it also misses the gritty aspect of travel so many people crave.

If you are looking to become a digital nomad, working remotely while traveling the world, it may be beneficial to sacrifice where you want to go and replace it with where you should go. But that doesn’t satisfy a lot of people, so many digital nomads get into for the thrill of the lifestyle. With thousands of people making this lifestyle work, it will be curious to see if more people will gravitate towards better opportunities or the most exotic destinations.

This post is just a mear glimpse into the world of balancing between the most popular destinations for digital nomads and some that may be more practical. There is much to consider when traveling as a digital nomad, but most of all you have to determine what works best for your situation.

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