5 Fun Vacation Ideas Your Kids Will Love

We all know that life with kids is the most fabulous experience that you can imagine, but it is also one of the most strenuous. As you may now understand, fun-filled family holidays are very important so that you can make memories to last forever. Let us look at a list of the top five fun-filled holiday ideas that your kids will go crazy for.

1. Argentina

A Visit to Argentina is like none other; and if you are bilingual and have an affinity for intriguing urban culture and the beauty of nature, this is the country to go.

The Beagle Channel Tour is ideal for your kids to visit sea lions and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.

Your kids will develop a love for travel, planes, boats, and trains on things like the boat ride to Colonia, Uruguay that provides delightful activities for both you and the kids. And the Tren del Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, otherwise known as the End of the World Train, is also worth having a ride on.

A tour of the Tierra del Fuego national park by bus is divine. The bus normally tours multiple localities, and you may visit different sites before hopping back onto the bus. Either way, a bus tour can be an excellent way to see the country

If you're looking for an authentic Argentinian lunch try El Charco while in Colonia. And if you need a ride, a golf cart can be rented to move around town and visit the colonial sites in style. SOmething the kids would no doubt enjoy

2. Mallorca

If your kids love to spend their holidays splashing about, then Mallorca is the perfect destination. There are rides and slides at Western Water Park, Aqualand, and Hidropark. And you can rent a villa in Mallorca with a pool so you and your kids can enjoy playing games whilst keeping cool.

Check out the natural parks at Cala Mondrago and Península de Llevant where you will find mysterious coves, enticing playgrounds and stone towers from an era of long ago.

Talking of long ago, walking along the Medieval Walls of Alcúdia is great fun for your kids.

The Castell de Bellver offers a superb view of the Badia de Palma, woodsy scented pine, and an intriguing museum.

The Santuari de Sant Salvador monastery offers exploratory opportunities along its ramparts and one of the most scenic panoramic views above Artà.

Mallorca is not without silky smooth sandy beaches and shallow blue-green waters at the Badia d'Alcúdia.

Have a boat ride along the way from the wondrous Blue Cave with ethereal turquoise waters to the Illa de Cabrera national park.

3. South Africa
There is a wide array of things for kids to do on a holiday to South Africa. Cape Town offers a Pirate-themed Adventure Mini-Golf Course which is open every day so that the entire family may enjoy. Don your most authentic pirate garb and enjoy exploring the 18 pirate-themed holes.

Visit African penguins at Boulder’s Beach Penguin Sanctuary. Who knew there were penguins in Africa? Your kids will have magical stories of this place. It can get a bit windy at times so be prepared for that but you don't want to miss out on this incredible sanctuary.

Bon-Af Berry Farm offers a delightful day of berry picking. Your whole family can join a guided tour of the farm and are given special containers to place the rewards that you have reaped. You pick juicy berries and have tea and other refreshments on the farm. There is also a tiny museum that displays artifacts from as far back as 1889.

Fishing at Magoebaskloof Getaway is another fun activity.  You can enjoy catching and releasing catfish, bass, trout, and carp in the two scenic dams. You may fish at no cost unless you wish to keep your catch.

4. The Maldives
If you think that The Maldives is a honeymoon destination, think again. There are a number of child-friendly resorts like the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa and Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef to name a couple.

Another possibility is renting a hut on the beach so you can privately enjoy the gorgeous beaches with your family. And if you want to relax you can sit on your porch and watch the kids splash around the crystal clear shallow water.

Another great activity for kids is to take surfing for a spin. There are tons of ways to get started surfing in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

Crab racing is another one of those activities that can occupy kids for hours. They can collect hermit crabs (ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in length), examine them and then put them to race on the sand.

5. Cape Tribulation, Australia
There are Great Barrier Reef day tours from Cape Tribulation that both you and your kids would love. Some tours actually offer crèche options. This means that there is always someone available to look after your children if you want to explore a little farther.

There is a lot of flora and fauna to be seen at Cape Tribulation. Stroller access can be limited so you will have to be prepared to carry younger children, but the reward is more than worth it. Your kids will love exploring the fascinating rainforest. A more extreme option if you have older kids would be to take a night tour of the forest.

The Daintree Entomological Museum houses a large collection of live insects, including butterflies and various jungle insects. It also makes a great place for a family picnic.

Of course, there is the attraction of smooth sands and unbelievably clear waters that no one can say no to. This is perfect for spending the day with your children building sand castles, scavenging, searching for seashells and having loads of fun!

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