Great Destinations for Outdoorsy Families

If your family loves spending time outside, then going on a fun holiday together where you can enjoy trekking and exploring new places will be the perfect way to make special memories together. The list below are destinations which can provide a whole array of different activities for your family, to ensure you have the best time possible.


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. And one of the best ways to experience that beauty is by taking the easy hike up to the top of Diamondhead, located just outside of Honolulu. You will love trekking through this kid-friendly trail while enjoying the unbelievable views of Waikiki beach and the rest of the stunning coast.

To cool down from the heat you can spend time at the Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii friendly theme park which is situated on 29 acres of tropical land. They have several water-themed activities that add variety and a fun-filled day for the whole family.

Another great activity for families in Hawaii is a whale-watching tour. Hawaii has some of the best whale-watching in the world. And the best time of year to do so would be in the winter when they all make the journey down from Alaska to breed in the warmer waters. You can either book a tour for a guaranteed sighting or you can hang out on the beach with some sea turtles and try to get lucky.

The Galapagos
Be sure to visit the three islands: San Cristobal, Isabela, and Santa Cruz as they offer many different glimpses into the amazing wildlife you can find in the Galapagos. If you're looking for the famous Galapagos Tortoise then the best place is the Santa Cruz island.

If you have never seen sea lions, San Cristobal is a must. It would be difficult not to find them just lounging around on the beach. But if you don't, snorkeling is another option as you will be in the company of sea turtles and fish.

On Isabela, you will see expanses of clean beaches that are home to marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, and even Galapagos penguins!

If you have time whilst you’re here, you should explore other surrounding countries; companies such as The Latin America Travel Company can provide specialist advice to help you plan the best trip to suit your requirements.

Slovenia might not be the most well-known travel destination in Europe but it is certainly not one to be overlooked. The nature is so beautiful and untouched that it makes a perfect location for camping. Campers are offered a variety of activities like archery, rafting, canoeing, cycling, beach volleyball, and hiking.

Ljubljana is a very large, well-maintained park that extends directly into the city center. The park has two playgrounds that are suitable for both younger and older children, and a park that offers sporting facilities like mini-golf, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

The Aquarium-Terrarium Maribor is situated in City Park which is popular among tourists and locals alike. There are up to 120 species of fish in approximately 38 tanks that recreates saltwater or freshwater life from rivers, lakes, and seas worldwide.

Rakican Castle is situated in the vicinity of Murska Sobota. The area offers summer camps, languages courses, horseback riding classes and other exciting activities that are sure to delight and entertain both you can your kids.

The tea estates of Munnar in Kerala provide exciting hiking opportunities for you and your family. On your tour of Kerala, you should include a visit to the Malabar Coast. Here you can explore the rural beaches, and also rent a boat and navigate through the magnificent network of canals.

A visit to the Eravikulam National Park will provide you with the chance to see the many types of beautiful flora and fauna of this area.

If you feel like going on an adventure, then you can cross over the Bay of Bengal, by plane or boat, and explore the Andaman Islands. There are plenty child-friendly resorts on the beach and you can bathe with elephants, jump in for some watersports, and snorkel with the varied marine life.

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK and has two national parks, a stunning coast, and endless activities to keep outdoorsy families happy for a lifetime. You’ll love exploring the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in North Yorkshire. There is a 4.3-mile path that will lead you around five waterfalls, gorges, vales and old Roman roads. Along the trail, you and your kids will have a chance to sample and savor delicious ice-cream.

Thwaite Mills has been taken for granted as it presents several activities for both you and the kids. The grounds are an invitation for exploration as it consists of woodland, areas of water, gardens, and wildlife. There is also a lot of history as you all will learn of one of Britain’s last remaining water mills.

The York Maze is a wonderful way to spend time with the kids at the center of the Yorkshire countryside. It is believed to be the biggest maize maze in Europe. It includes several other mazes and zones for playing and climbing.

Harewood House offers an entire day filled with fun activities. The house carries Renaissance masterpieces and portraits of the family. You may explore the garden with the family together with the bird garden. Your kids will sure love feeding the penguins. That's right penguins! The house has an enclosure designed specifically for the penguins that reside there.

Puglia, Italy
Italy is a scenic country filled with friendly people and delicious food, but because of this, if you are visiting in the school holiday then you may find yourself lost in a sea of tourists. Puglia is one of the less touristy destinations in Italy, so you’ll be able to have more of an authentic experience here.

A fun activity would be hiring bikes to cycle around the area as the landscape is stunning and rather flat. Plus there are numerous olive trees that line the roads to create a nice shady effect. And you can even cycle your way to the cheese producers and olive mills where you have the opportunity to sample products and learn how they are manufactured.

The Grotte di Castellana are caves that are more than 90 million years old and they are fantastic to explore with your kids. There are many unbelievable formations and colors that you will encounter as you make your way through many of them.

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