3 Places in Europe Perfect for Luxury

If you are looking for a nice, relaxing region of the world to visit on a luxury holiday, look no further than western Europe. Throughout the centuries of time some of the most regal and romantic pieces of art and culture were born in this part of the world, and to this day they have a lot to offer both new and returning visitors. Here are the three most classy cities that you can visit to feel a little extra special this year.


Home to the Royal Family themselves, London is a city where you can find the most elegant cup of
tea and visit some of the planet’s most iconic and historic buildings. While you walk the uneven
cobblestones of the older parts of city it is not difficult to imagine what life was like over three hundred years ago. 

During your visit you should be sure to take a tour of the famous clock, Big Ben, and stroll by some of the more modern structures like the London Eye – there are some excellent tour operators who can help you with your trip. If you are looking for somewhere to just wind down and breathe in some fresh air, look into some of the fabulous hotels or countryside Bed and Breakfasts to take in the beautiful scenery and experience some well-earned quiet time.


When people think of Paris, the most common image that comes to mind is of the majestic Eiffel
Tower that has now become a symbol of the country. In the city itself there are unlimited cafes to
grab a snack and a perfected cup of coffee, and breathtaking masterpieces of art such as the ever
popular piece, Mona Lisa. 

The atmosphere of Paris is nothing but luxury, as you will get to experience what it’s like to walk through what could be the world’s most romantic city. Dining by candlelight, and walking through town listening to many local musicians fill the air with notes of love will take you far away from the hectic life as you know it. While you are in the area, be sure to put some time aside to taste different varieties of wine from the nearby vineyards and just enjoy this amazing, fine-tuned culture.


Tuscany, Italy is known to have some of the most picturesque land in all the world. It is not hard to be taken aback by the rolling hills of the countryside or the Renaissance-era culture that makes up a
good portion of this Italian region’s history. There are many hotels and villas in the area
that can give you that authentic feeling of having a slice of heaven at your fingertips, and there is no
better way to see the Italian country in its more pure form. 

Dining in Tuscany will offer you some of the best foods in the area and the wines will taste as if they have been grown from the most elegant grapes in the industry. To really get an all-around amazing experience, try renting a bicycle to explore the off beaten paths with a little more depth as you see, hear, and feel Tuscany’s most coveted features.

What is your favorite city to relax in and enjoy a luxury retreat?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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