Romantic getaway for Bohemian parents?

My husband and I have now been parents for 15 years!  That is a long time.  It has been the most emotional and powerful adventure of our lives and we would never trade a moment of it.  That being said I can't pretend I don't dream of that romantic European trip we plan to take in the future!

In fact I have been thinking it through and playing out an itinerary quite a bit these days.  Picking a few destinations is not easy but these are easily part of my top 5 and what I think might constitute a good 3-4 months worth of relaxed travel.  Come with me on a romantic journey through Europe, or at least the dream of it for now. 


I know most people view France, Paris in particular, as the most romantic place to visit but for me Italy takes the top spot.  There is so much diversity, history, and beauty in this small country.  Add in the fact that it has a great public transport system with its train line and it makes for a easy starting point on my dream trip.

I've actually already visited Italy many years ago.  I would love to show my husband around Rome, Pisa, Venice and Florence, all the spots I visited and loved.  But I also know there is so much more to the country.  Small mountain towns, volcano destruction in Pompeii and neighboring Naples, beautiful lakes to relax by, and lovely vineyards to explore makes me think we may need more than just a week or 2 in this country.  I think I will set aside 2 months!

Now when I went to France back before I had any children the only real experience I had was with Paris.  I loved some of the main tourist attractions but found the people and overall vibe in the city to be really unfriendly.  From that point on I never really gave France a second look. Until this dream trip idea....

Paris is not at all a place I need to visit again.  Sure I would love to show the Eiffel tower to my children and husband along with the likes of Notre Dame and the Louvre but its the small towns, the countryside inn, and the Mediterranean coastline that I would most love to explore with my husband.

Switzerland was probably the place I visited on my European backpacking trip that I felt I wanted to share with my family most.  We went up to an adorable little ski village high in the alps, skied everyday and spent the evening on the balcony of our wooden Swiss chalet with a bottle of wine and shared stories.  It was heaven but it was the spot I most wished I had a love to share it with me.

On our dream trip I am not sure skiing would be in our plans so a summer time trip might be much more enjoyable.  Vineyards, alpine hikes, cool lake swimming, and jazz festivals are all on the agenda for this couple!  Switzerland is not just for cold weather loving ski fans!


It is nearly impossible to pick through all the amazing places in Greece to visit but the islands of Greece are probably the most romantic and visually pleasing.  The white facades against the stark backdrop of the ocean in Santorini has been a dream of mine for a very long time. 

I can just imagine ourselves on a sailboat cruise along the isles finishing up in Santorini where we could sit on a lanai, with a bottle of wine, overlooking a spot very much like the one in the above photo.  Heaven on Earth and a perfect way to end our whirlwind romantic tour of Europe.  Now to get back to that dream and those rooftops....

So there you have it, one day in the near future this will be where you can find us.  But for now we'll just live each moment enjoying our boys and where ever we are!

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  1. It will come sooner then you think for sure. Happy anniversary xx

    1. We'll see:) Thanks, our anniversary is not until Sept, we'll be on 16 yours of marriage, crazy! But Dylan turned 15 yesterday! Even crazier!!!

  2. What an amazing list. But my favorite is definitely Greece.