If I had a Hammer...

Let’s talk DIY holidays. I’m not suggesting you grab the nearest screwdriver and hammer and get to work, I’m talking about planning your holiday yourself, and forming your own bespoke break, completely to suit you.

The first step you need to take is to have a general idea in your mind on when you want to go, and preferably a vague idea of where. Be flexible however, because that way you stand a better chance of grabbing a bargain. Rigidity does not equal saving money.  The more flexibility you have the more options and along with that comes a better chance to save.  Believe me it takes time but ultimately I feel it is well worth it.

Skyscanner is the best place to head for searching for flights, because this not only searches the regular airlines, but also checks agencies for deals too. I also love that you can search from one spot to anyplace in the world and see what is the cheapest spot to go, not that is for the truly flexile among us!  Open up your search to all UK or NY airports, and see what the price differences are. Once you’ve found the flight you want, if the price is mega low, book it on the spot, if you think it may fluctuate, which they often do, then watch it instead. Be aware that fluctuations can go up, as well as down.  And know that sometimes heading directly to the website of the airline with the lowest price will often times yield even lower prices!

Flight sorted, now it’s time to pin down your resort within your chosen area, and book your accommodation. This I find to be the hardest bit, not because of the actual process, but because of the choice. You need to figure out the board basis you’re wanting first, and then narrow your search down from there. Head to a site like Onthebeach, agoda, booking, Sunshine, Travel Republic, or Alpharooms etc, and shop around. Check reviews and get information on location etc, check the wifi availability, and book when you find it at the lowest cost.

You’ll also be able to book your transfer from the airport to your hotel on these sites too generally, definitely on Travel Republic, and this is often in the form of a shuttle bus. If there are several of you however, consider a private transfer and split the cost; you’ll also get to your hotel quicker that way, as there won’t be other people to drop off at their respective hotels en-route.  But if you are looking to save money you can always hail a cab or jump on a bus at the airport.  Less convenient but saves some most times as long as you know the going rate.

And there you have it, your own personal package, done all by yourself! It’s not hard when you have the time to sit down and search, and as long as you use reputable companies, with ABTA and ATOL protection, you’re more than fine. Print out all your confirmations, and save the emails in your inbox in case you lose the paper copy, believe me it happens!

Now start the research on what you want to see in the area and Bon voyage!

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