At the Heart of It: Stockholm, Sweden’s Romantic Yet Risqué Capital

Known for its beauty, both natural and architectural, Stockholm is Scandinavia’s hub for clean, green living. Sweden’s capital is home to trendy bars, charming cafés and hipster areas like Södermalm, or ‘Söder’ if you want to fit in with the locals, making city breaks in Stockholm ideal.

There are two sides to the ‘Venice of the North’: romantic and risqué.  Here are some of Stockholm’s most romantic, and most risqué, locales:

For the Romance
The scenic Monteliusvägen, a 500-metre long walking path with views to various areas of the city, is a definite must-see. For particularly stunning views, grab your partner’s hand and stroll along the walkway at sunrise or sunset. Overwhelmed by its beauty? You wouldn’t be the only one — Monteliusvägen is a popular place to get down on one knee.

Sandhamn, located on Sandön island on the Stockholm Archipelago, has been called one of the most romantic places in the world. Visitors enjoy the peace the island offers along with scenic walks along the coastline, outdoor hot tubs and refreshing dips in the clean, clear sea.

To explore Stockholm’s romanticism further, find out more about the various options online and then whisk your loved one off with you on a hot air balloon ride. Rarely do major cities allow these giant balloons to hover over their city centre, so take advantage of it! The views alone will make your heart beat a little faster.

For the Risqué
Stockholm’s beauty lies within its locals as well. Beautiful both inside and out, they exude a confidence that will surely transfer to you when you’re in town. Some may view it as risqué, others simply as open-mindedness, but judge for yourself when you’re in this naturist region.

Nude beaches, both official and unofficial, are aplenty. Being in the buff isn’t seen as sexual but rather as natural and completely comfortable. Ågesta, Stockholm’s official nude beach, is sandy, clean and family-friendly.

You’ll also be welcome to sunbathe in your birthday suit in various areas of Långholmen island. The small beaches on this incredibly green island make this a popular place to swim, as well.

This liberal attitude continues, much to the delight of any traveler who is a fan of the risqué. Researchers at Malmo University reported that almost 40% of Swedish women and just 8% of Swedish men have fantasised about having encounters with both genders. Should you hit it off with someone in a club, don’t assume they’re off limits to members of the opposite sex (of course, neither should you take them for granted)!

You’ll also be pleased to hear that Sweden itself is just as safe in this respect as it is liberal. The country has one of the lowest rates of STDs in the world, due to extensive awareness raising about STIs and also free STI screening. ‘Risqué but responsible’ may well be a Swedish motto.

So, with both romantic and risqué elements, you can experience it all on a city break in Stockholm. Enjoy your trip and you’re sure to come back closer than ever.

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