10 Reasons Families will LOVE the Sheraton Resort at Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii

I recently enjoyed an amazing getaway to Maui.  Beautiful beaches, delicious food around every corner, and more whale spotting in 4 days than I thought humanly possible are all just the tip of the iceberg in this lovely vacation spot.  It always amazes me how each island in Hawaii can be so different and wonderful in their own ways.

View from the ocean view room balcony
Finding a place to stay took a lot of work though.  Admittedly, I tend to procrastinate a bit and I always look for the best bargain.  I waited until the last minute to start my search no doubt about it.   The Sheraton popped up time and time again as not only one of the less expensive resorts but also one of the resorts with the best reviews.  It is located at the end of Kaanapali beach in a quiet and beautiful setting along the ocean and this was a bit of a splurge trip for me so I decided to go with them and I am so glad that I did.

As a family of 5 I was happy to see that they enjoy children on the property and cater to providing a nice family experience.  In fact the entire staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and legitimately seemed to enjoy being there.  They offer several different types of rooms to choose from (suites, ocean view and mountain view) and even whale watch specials for the high season of Jan-April.  It is not exactly a budget find but for what you get and where you are located  I think it's a great value.  Be sure to look at all the room types as the Sheraton offer deals from time to time and the mountain view rooms are quite a bit cheaper than the ocean view.

There are many reasons to love the Sheraton but here are 10 of the biggest reasons I feel that families will have an amazing trip and fall in love with their stay at the Sheraton Kaanapali Resort in Maui.
  • Location, location, location....I have said it before and I will say it again here; location is everything when on vacation.  The Sheraton is located at the end of the beautiful Kaanapali South beach.  It is also an easy walk to shopping and more dining options at Whalers Village, a great excursion to make after a long day of fun in the sun at the resort.  For convenience they also offer a free and informative shuttle service that stops at many popular locations around Kaanapali and Lahaina.  This is a great alternative to an expensive car rental if you are planning to stay around the resort area only.
  • Nightly cliff dive event...At the far end of the Sheraton beach you will find the black rock, a sacred site where Hawaiians believe the souls of their ancestors leaped from Earth into the spirit world.  Every night for the last 50 years the Sheraton recreates this by sharing the tale, lighting the torches and commencing with a cliff dive.  I found it to be a really lovely way to introduce some of the amazing Hawaiian culture to children and adults alike.
  • Beautiful, winding pool....The pool at the Sheraton is large and offers relaxing private areas for adults as well as bridges and a slide for kids.  There is no shortage of space and with the ocean right in front it was never super packed with people.  There is also a nice hidden jacuzzi, a welcome relief on a cool evening.
  • Lawn games....I was surprised by how many different lawn games there were set up and rotated daily.  The grass is some of the nicest I have ever walked on, much like a putting green on a top notch golf course.  Games on offer were ping pong, golf practice green, bean bag toss, and a giant, made for the resort, Jenga game.  Kids young and old will welcome these as an out of water option!  Believe it or not you do need to get out of that beautiful ocean every now and again.
  • Ocean access and sports....It goes along with a great location but was so wonderful it needed to be mentioned again.  The beach is not only beautiful but because it is located up against the rocks it makes a natural cove nice and safe for swimming.  There is also beautiful snorkeling (I saw eels and unicorn fish just to name a few) along the rock edge and for the adventurous types you can jump off the rocks into the ocean.  It is not recommended but it did look like fun.  The Sheraton also has an on site water sports center that offers all kinds of water sports equipment and even has scuba dive outings and PADI certification.  The newest addition is snuba, a quasi scuba dive that even small children can be a part of.
  • 3 times a week Luau...Admittedly, I always sort of discounted Luaus as just a tourist trap void of any real culture.  Well I could not have been more wrong, especially regarding the Maui Nui Luau.  The luau offered culture, dancing and music along with really good food and drinks.  I walked away feeling a bit sad not to be Hawaiian by birth as it really showed us the depth of their culture.  Mainland US can't even compete when it comes to culture and this luau did an excellent job of sharing it with all of us.
Look at all those pillow!
  • Comfortable, well appointed beds...We have stayed at hundreds of hotels/apartments over the past few years and I have simply never had a better nights sleep!  The beds are ultra comfortable but the best part is the finishing touches.  The comforters are plush and comfy and the down pillows were so soft and plentiful.  There were 4 pillows on each bed!  4!!  Anyone that has any sleeping child issues can forget all about them at the Sheraton.  Everyone will get a wonderful nights rest.
  • Easy walk down to lovely shopping, restaurants...Whalers Village, full of trendy shops and fabulous beachfront restaurants is a leisurely 10-15 minute walk along the ocean from the Sheraton.  The Sheraton also has wonderful on site restaurants but sometimes you just want to go for a walk and try something new.  Hula Grill was our favorite and I highly recommend a walk down for lunch.  As a family that loves diversity it is really nice to have the option so close to the hotel.
Not a bad lunch view!
  • Access to kids club, babysitting and tutors...The Sheraton offers access to a kids club and can help you organize babysitting and even tutoring, although I am pretty sure my kids would balk at that idea on vacation.  There is also a nice fitness center and tennis courts for the older kids.
  • Whales...Now this is seasonal in Hawaii with the season running from December through to April but it is so wonderful that it needs to be mentioned.  We must have spent hours sitting on the beach watching the whales.  It was not even full peak season and we saw tons of them.  The Sheraton sits across from both the islands of Lanai and Molokai and just happens to be the channel that the whales frequent the most.  If you want to get even closer the Sheraton can help organize a whale watch, well worth doing!
As you can see there is so much to love about Maui and about a stay at the Sheraton.  So what are you waiting for?  Book your trip to Maui and head right over to the Sheraton to relax and enjoy the amazing Aloha spirit!

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  1. Wow. That place looks great Mary!!!

    1. It really was! The only thing I would ahve changed would have been stronger shower pressure, but I am pressure addict!

  2. Yeah, the Sheraton is stunning for sure! We checked out their luau on our last trip there and it was really great! Did you try snorkeling near Black Rock while you were there? I've always thought it's a really kid-friendly intro snorkeling spot since there are so many fish and you don't have to swim very far out to see them.

    And you mentioning the Hula Grill makes my mouth water... it's my favourite restaurant in that area! I love getting a table in the Barefoot Bar there - the novelty of eating right on the sandy beach is cool.

  3. Hi Sheralyn, I agree, I did snorkel and yes it was a very good intro spot! Ahh Hula Grill and their barefoot bar...take me back now!

  4. Fabulous location! Best spot on Ka'anapali Beach. Snorkeling was amazing - we saw colorful fish and green sea turtles in the first few feet of water, everytime. Staff was welcoming and helpful. Our ocean view balcony was the best - enjoyed most of our dinners there rather than going out! Grounds were well maintained.

    1. Yes the property was immaculate and just such a nice environment to hang around!

  5. The Sheraton have done themselves proud with this piece of paradise! Your post makes me yearn for a Hawaiian adventure... I've added you to Twitter - hope to see you there sometime!

    1. Head there now, no wait until next whale season actually:)

  6. Looks like paradise to me. Definitely worth visiting... Nightly cliff dive event is just awesome...

  7. It really was fun and a beautiful spot, so perfect for families.