Spend More Than A Few Hours When You Visit Petra

Have you ever considered taking a trip to Jordan? Checking out the ancient sites of Petra and exploring the historic ruins?

Holidays to Petra are often jammed in between visiting all kinds of other sites in Jordan but really you could spend a few days here and have plenty to keep you and your family interested.

The famous Treasury in Petra is an obvious draw for this area and probably the first thing most people think of when you mention visiting Petra. Built in the first century BC, there are countless gorgeous photos that do the rounds of social media of this striking destination. Movies like Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade have even been filmed here making it even more famous.

As you enter through the Siq you will most likely be overwhelmed and want to rush around and see everything. In the heat it will probably be of benefit to have planned ahead of time what you will do and see.

So what should you see in Petra and how will you fill your days?

First of all you should definitely plan to include Petra by night in your itinerary. Seeing this city of the ancients lit up by candlelight is a site you won’t quickly forget. The site is striking by day and enchanting by night.

You have to visit the Monastery and if you’re really brave you could ride a mule to the top. It’s quite a hike and the mule ride is definitely recommended if you have the stomach for it. F.Y.I. it’s 822 steps up and 822 steps back down if you decide to brave it on foot!

As with many historic sites there will be many places you can purchase souvenirs, both genuine and those created purely for tourists. Be prepared for a bit of hassle and remember to only look at items you might be interested in purchasing. This is the best way to avoid an item following you down the road with pleas to purchase it ringing in your ears!

Research Little Petra before you go. This area is not often talked about and can be an amazing addition to your holiday in Petra. Booking overnight accommodation means you get to take your time exploring and you won’t miss any memorable spots.

As with any hot desert location be sure to take plenty of water with you and wear clothes that shade you from the sun. If you are being respectful of local tradition you won’t be there in your short-shorts and bikini tops anyway but it pays to cover up from the sun. A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and long sleeved shirt will help shield you from the sun – especially important in the hottest part of the day. Wear comfortable sturdy shoes too – you’ll thank us later!

Food and drinks are available in Petra for purchase so if you’re not organized you can still get refreshments to get you through your visit.

Planning your trip to Petra and allowing yourself plenty of time to soak in the history of the area means you will get to see everything on offer. Getting here isn’t just a case of catching a local bus. If you’ve gone to the trouble to visit you might as well get your money’s worth!

Have you visited Petra? How long did you spend there?

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