Fly/Drive Vacations Can Save You From Another Theme Park Visit

Tired of booking your holidays and the family automatically assuming a big chunk of their time will be spent at a theme park? Maybe you’re all Disneyed out this year but still want a great holiday in Florida?

If you’re scratching around for Florida holiday ideas, maybe you need to consider a fly/drive option for something different?

Booking yourself in for a fly-drive holiday can open up a whole new range of activities that aren’t really available when you don’t have your own transport. When you have a car you can be more flexible in your planning, easily changing your mind if something better pops up. You can travel further than you might be able to via public transport. And generally if there are more than 3 of you, traveling by car is often cheaper than public transport anyway.

What’s not to like about this option?

Having a car means you can take the family to visit places like the Everglades and squeeze some education into your vacation too. Sneaky huh?

Beautiful beaches become easily accessible when you have a car at your disposal. You can make a day trip to Tampa Bay and be back in time for dinner! And if mum or dad like golf, one of them could even escape in the car for a quick round when the kids are having a pool day.

Things to confirm before you book your fly/drive Florida holiday:
  • Make sure your package includes unlimited mileage. This way you can drive wherever you want and know that the only extra charge you’ll have will be for gas.
  • Check what insurance is included in your package.
  • Be sure about the car size you are getting – you don’t want a tiny 4 seater if you are 5 people!
  • Airport pickup is the most convenient option – make sure you know where you’ll be picking up your vehicle and where you need to drop it off at the end of your holiday. Perhaps find out if there is an express drop off point too to make drop off super easy and fast.
  • Find out if you can book nightly accommodation. That way you could stay in more than one location and get even more value from having a hire car.
A fly/drive holiday is a great change from the usual holiday package. You’ll love being able to zip to the shop for ice cream when the kids have been particularly fabulous and cooperative. Or being able to take lunch to the beach because your car can fit all those cooler bags!

And if you cave in and decide the kids can indeed have their theme park fix you can get them to any one that you like by car. Universal Studios, Sea World and LEGOLAND can all be on your list making yours a memorable Florida holiday that didn’t involve the Disney franchise. At least for one year!

Do you hire cars on your holidays or do you rely solely on public transport?

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