Gift Giving with a Twist

It is that time of year again when everyone starts to search for the best gift for their loved ones.  This can be quite the daunting task at times but have no fear, there are some rather unique options out there for purchasing gifts.

We decided years ago that gift giving was not in any one's best interest and that making donations and spending time together or that giving a gift of experiences was much more beneficial.  I loathed the idea of buying all those things, things people didn't really even need just because it was what was expected.  I disliked it so much that I ended up on the far side of the spectrum and didn't enjoy that either.  I missed the joy inherent in giving gifts!

I truly enjoy giving people things they love or things they need it was just that I never ended up feeling like that was what I was really doing in the end.  It all became so overwhelming and felt too consumerist.  I would much prefer to spend my money on others but I felt in a rut with gift giving.

What I really wanted to do was to find a happy medium.  I wanted a spot where I could shop for unique Christmas gifts with a feel good humanitarian component.  Being a traveler and someone just itching to share my wanderlust with others I also craved something that offered the flavors of the countries I love most.

Fast forward to a few month ago when I was approached by Novica, an associate of National Geographic, to recieve some products and in return write a review about the experience.  I receive offers like these often and mostly I decline but this time it felt different.  I don't like writing reviews unless it is for something I would use and believe in.  When I went to the website I could not believe it, this was absolutely a company I felt I could be proud to share with others!

Novica is exactly the type of site I wish I found 10 years ago.  It is a relatively new endeavor, started in 1999, but just now gaining traction after an online transformation this year.  The general idea is to match up local artisans in various companies with you, the buyer, in an incredibly user friendly online exchange.

Novica offers artisans fair prices, no binding contracts, and freedom to showcase their work and build a successful business.  At the same time they strive to make the consumer happy by offering unique handmade products, great value and the satisfaction of helping to elevate the crafts of global artisans.  It is a win win in my opinion.

I ordered a few items recently to test it out and I was not disappointed.  My products came quickly and without incident.  Each item I ordered (a hammock from Brazil, a purse from Thailand, and a game for the kids from India) is beautifully crafted and very high quality.  More important to me than all that though was knowing I was getting these great items from some of my favorite countries in the world, thereby helping to sustain their economy even while not there in person.

The part the kids loved most was the beautiful wrapping and note from the artisan.  Each item came with a handwritten note of thanks in their language and then translated into English.  It felt as though on top of the gift you were getting an extra little glimpse into the country it came from.  Novica also includes a small gift tag with more information about the product, a welcome relief when we received our solitaire game and had no idea how it was played!

This holiday season if you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift for Dad, like I always am, try Novica out.  In fact there really is something for everyone from sweaters and hammocks to jewelry and shawls.  There are so many wonderful products available for men, women, and children that I couldn't possibly mention them all.  But know that no matter what you choose it will be made with care and brought to you by people that truly appreciate and feel first hand the reach of your dollars.

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to Novica and see if it is a good fit for you and your family!

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  1. I just did a secret santa exchange with people from all over the world and it was so interesting to see how each country wrapped their gifts!

    1. Yes ours were all wrapped differently and included a different kind of note each. It was definitely an added bonus!