Top 5 Family Casino Locations in the US

When trying to decide the next location for a family getaway there are many factors to look at.  Perhaps the 2 most important are where you can go that the kids will enjoy and be entertained and what area offers something for the adults to enjoy as well.

Casino trips are something that most adults are keen to do and surprisingly these trips can also offer things that children enjoy as well making it a perfect spot for everyone.  Some of these spots are even day trips to some other fabulous family spots.  I used to count casinos out as a family travel destination but no more.  They offer something for everyone in the family.

Read on for a closer look into some great casino locations around the US.

CT gets the first spot as it is one of my favorite states to visit.  In fact it's the state I am from and have spent the most time in, including quite a few casino trips.  Connecticut is a small Eastern state but it packs a punch when it comes to casinos.  There are 2 main facilities, Mohegan Sun, and the world's largest casino; Foxwoods.  Both facilities offer concerts, world class gambling, high end shopping, large hotels, restaurants, and more.  The best part is that they are located just 30 minutes from each other in a beautiful rural setting so you don't have to pick just one.

Family travel tip:  Both casinos are located in some of the most beautiful rural land in the country.  If you love hiking, river rafting, or just exploring the woods together there will be no shortage of family opportunities.  Ct is also located conveniently between NYC and Boston, both wonderfully vibrant cities that everyone should visit at some point in their lives.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is probably the top spot in the country if you want to take a gambling trip.  But the cool thing about Vegas is how family friendly it can be.  You could spend weeks in Vegas, be busy everyday, and not step foot in a casino.  I am sure you've seen it all before but the casinos are ripe with gambling, shopping, and entertainment opportunities.  There are roller coasters, zoos, aquariums, light shows, water shows, and so much more to delight children of all ages.

Family travel tip: Do yourself a favor and take a day or 2 to get out of the lights and craziness.  You can easily take a day or 2 day trip to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and so much more.  Vegas is amazing and exciting but so are some of the natural and engineered wonders just hours from the city!

Atlantic city
Also close to my home state, located in New Jersey, and with a quintessential boardwalk Atlantic city is a spot not to be missed.  The location where so many have made their millions and where top rated casinos like Bellagio, Harrahs, Taj Majal, and Sands are putting down roots draws tourists all year round.  First class resorts right on the beach offer a reprieve from the stresses of gambling or simply a great spot to have a family trip!

Family travel tip: Atlantic city is not all casinos.  The boardwalk offers great fishing, amusement parks and more.  If all that gets old don't forget you are on the Jersey shore and a beach day is right at your doorstep!

I have not personally been to Mississippi but have heard through the grapevine and online that this can be a wonderful spot for a family trip with the added benefit of numerous casinos to choose from.  They dot the shoreline along the Mississippi river from Canada down.  Even post Katrina the casinos are up and running and stimulating the economy of the area is more important now than ever.

Family travel tip:  Take a trip down the river and relive the Huck Finn days.  What kids don't love a river raft ride??

Los Angeles
A huge city full of activities for every age, Los Angeles is one of the lesser known hubs for casino action.  There are plenty of casinos to rival even that of Las Vegas but with the added benefit of multiple amazing beaches. Casinos such as The Bicycle, Commerce, and Hollywood Park are the cities major gambling attractions.  It is not quickly thought of as a destination for gambling but upon further inspection you see this city hosts many tournaments, professional players, and over 30 casinos.

Family Travel Tip: There is no end to the amazing beaches and water activities available in the area.  Learn to surf, people watch, or just soak in the sun.  Los Angeles is a perfect get away during the North's cold winter months.

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