Where to Travel in the Winter for Some Sun

With the long winters in the US and the UK becoming drastically colder in recent years it makes sense for many people to go in search of hotter climates throughout this period. Knowing that some parts of the world will be experiencing their summer season around December and January, the chance to enjoy the sun whilst it is freezing cold back at home influences holidaymakers to book their trips away during this time. There are plenty of destinations which can be chosen to visit during the winter, three of which we have listed below:

Being on the other side of the world, Australia is widely recognised as being one of the sunniest locations to visit over winter. With reversed seasons compared to the US or UK it can get extremely warm Down Under, especially in central parts of the country. The vast majority of people will visit the notable port cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and experience the vast array of beaches, cafes, lagoons and bars which attract thousands of locals and tourists alike.

It surely is a country that has so much more to offer than you’d think, with so many ways to see it, be it in luxury, by escorted jeep tour across the outback or even an exotic cruise holiday around the coast and out into further Australasia.  Notable attractions include the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Twelve Apostles and Ayers Rock.

South Africa
Although South Africa is in another hemisphere it is in the same time zone as the UK which means that jet lag can be avoided. Being one of the main colonies of the British Empire, it is an ‘Europeanised’ country on the African continent. This has forged South Africa into an extremely diverse location to visit with a multi ethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, religions and languages. For tourists, you can visit modern cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, or take a more natural approach by travelling out to the more untouched towns deeper into the country.

Thailand is a popular country to visit in winter due to its sunny climate and eclectic mix of tourist-friendly destinations. The majority of people will initially travel to the capital city Bangkok, although there are plenty of other areas that can provide your dose of sun over the winter months.

The Thai islands provide you with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and relaxing restaurants nearby to chill out in and soak up the conditions. Prices are generally reasonable for food, drink and accommodation all over the country. This means you can have that bit extra to spend on seeing some of the impressive Buddhist temples, experiencing a proper Thai massage, taking boat trips around the islands or simply enjoying the busy nightlife.

There are plenty of sunny locations all over the world for which you can travel during the winter along with the three listed above. Many countries in Africa, Asia and South America will have hot climates throughout November to March that make sense to visit during this period as a way to escape the sub-zero temperatures which hit the UK and US during the same time frame.

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