Plan A Romantic Getaway In Your Local Area

When most people think of a romantic weekend getaway they usually imagine Paris or Italy for a few days. While one of these traditionally romantic locations can be fun it can often take a heap of planning to make it happen. And if you don’t have a passport it’s completely out of the question on short notice.

Let’s say you live in Southampton or Bristol. A close-but-not-too-close getaway location could be Bournemouth. There are plenty of luxury hotels in Bournemouth to make your romantic getaway extra special and it’s much easier to have a weekend getaway in your local area.

By adding few little touches to make it romantic, a spur-of-the-moment getaway can be a lot more fun than a carefully planned excursion and it can cost a lot less. When you keep the costs down you can go away more than once too!

So what can you do to add some romance and fun to a location that you know fairly well? Here’s a few tips to make your next getaway memorable:

  • Do something you’ve never done before. If you usually drive everywhere leave the car at the hotel and take a stroll through the local area. You’ll be amazed what you find once you are on foot and can explore the streets you normally drive through on autopilot. If you never eat out shout yourself to a restaurant meal or even a hot dog from a street vendor.
  • Get a massage together. A couple’s massage can be a fun outing especially if it’s something new to you.
  • Talk about your dreams and goals. Many couples find themselves in a rut doing the same thing over and over. They forget to talk about the things that brought them together in the first place. Remind each other of the grand things you are hoping to achieve in your life. If you’re really brave you could make a plan to start achieving some of those. Sharing goals can help to make people feel closer.
  • Eat dessert for dinner. Pancakes or ice cream for dinner is a fun way to do something different. You’re an adult – you can eat what you like right?
  • Play sport. Hire some rackets and have a game of tennis. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t any good. The laughter that generally comes from playing sport badly is good for you!
  • Act like kids! Relax and enjoy yourself and don’t worry that someone might be watching or judging. Feel free to jump in puddles or throw piles of autumn leaves at each other. Race each other to the next bridge or skim rocks on a pond in the park.
  • Don’t sleep in too late. This could be a hard one since you’re ‘on holiday’ but try to get up before the day is almost over. The earlier you get up, the longer your days will seem and this is kind of important if you only have the weekend to enjoy yourselves. We’ve all had weekends that have flown by because we’ve spent them mostly sleeping.
As you can see, you don’t need to go to a fancy foreign city to have a fabulous weekend getaway. It’s super easy to plan one in your local area that is just as much fun as a holiday abroad. A spur-of-the-moment trip can be awesome fun when you throw a few clothes in a bag, find yourself somewhere great to stay and promise each other you’ll do a couple of out of the ordinary things!

When is your next getaway?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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