Is it humane to travel to Myanmar from the US during COVID-19 pandemic?

What you need to know about traveling to Myanmar during this pandemic, landscape
Since its emergence from oppressive government policies and half a century of isolation, Myanmar has become a main attraction of the tourism industry. Its former name was Burma and during 2016-2017 it was the least-visited destination of South-East Asia that gained momentum as the hottest new place to visit. Soon cruise lines dropped their anchors, tour operators started organizing itineraries, ATMs started opening and the first Burmese KFC started its inaugural store.

Visitors returned ranting about how exotic and magical the place was and how it barely changed since the last 5 decades. Numerous Buddhist temples and Golden Pagodas were attended by monks in red-colored robes. Several poets were inspired by the beauty of the sunset across the Irrawaddy River.

Here is what you need to know about traveling to Myanmar during this pandemic

Visiting Myanmar from the US – Visa requirements

Being an American citizen, you have access to several countries of the world, both with a visa and without a visa. Nevertheless, there are times when you may require more planning as the visa requirements can a bit tricky. American citizens who wish to visit Myanmar need to apply for a Myanmar visa for US citizens to enter the country.

FAQ on Visa requirements for US citizens visiting Myanmar
What you need to know about traveling to Myanmar during this pandemic, Passport
Do US citizens need a visa to enter Myanmar?
Yes, American passport holders will require a visa to visit Myanmar. Moreover, they also have to conform to certain regulations for entering the country even though they had a visa. They can only exit and enter the country through Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay, and Yangon International Airports. Hence, it is needless to mention that the seaport entry and land border aren’t allowed.

Is there a visa-on-arrival for Myanmar?
Yes, for visiting Myanmar, there is a visa-on-arrival option that has similar requirements as the e-visa for tourists. This visa lets you visit the place for a total of 28 days.

Will I be allowed to enter Myanmar multiple times?
No, you won’t be allowed. The visa allows you single entry and so don’t forget the fact that you can only enter once before you plan the trip.

How to obtain a visa for Myanmar?
You’ll require a passport, a method of payment, and a photograph. For processing your visa, you would require a passport that has a minimum of 6 month’s validity from the date of entering the place, a digital photograph of the visitor, and a credit/debit card or a Paypal account.

COVID-19 Restrictions in Myanmar and Quarantine

Travel Restrictions at a Glance

Tourist Entry – Banned

Quarantine – Yes, required!

Testing – Will need to go through a temperature check and also present a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours

Quarantine Details: 7-day quarantine in any government institution and another 7-day self-isolation at home

Travel Advisory to Myanmar in Detail
  • Until 30th April 2021, there will be no flights to Myanmar. This is not applicable to medevac flights.
  • Passengers should present a negative PCR test issued 72 hours before departing. This is not applicable to the locals and citizens of Myanmar.
  • Passengers will have to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks.
  • Airline crew will be subject to quarantine till their next flight.
  • Visa-on-arrival and visa exemption facilities to be suspended.
Detailed Information for Tourists & Travelers

Myanmar Military has ordered the airports to close down to international commercial flights till 31st May 2021. However, domestic flights have resumed from the 5th of February.

Residents and citizens of the United Kingdom or tourists who’ve visited the UK in the last 2 weeks won’t be able to enter Myanmar. Those who are traveling from the UK, even the British Nationals, should check travel requirements from the nation to Myanmar with the Myanmar Consulate.

Currently, with the second wave wreaking havoc worldwide, all new tourist visa applications are presently suspended. However, these rules and regulations are subject to change as and when the situation improves.

We hope this guest post from content writer, Susan Noel helps prepare you for your next big adventure. While some COVID-19 restrictions still prevent you from traveling from places like Myanmar, we hope to see things open up around the world soon!

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