5 Must Have Toys For Your Next Family Trip

5 Must Have Toys For Your Next Family Trip, Toys
Whether you're on a short vacation or traveling full time with kids it can be a lifesaver to have some entertainment with you in the form of toys. I can't express enough how glad we were to make a little extra space for a few good toys and games while on the road.

Toys can come in all shapes and sizes, varying greatly depending on the age of your children. While toddlers and young kids can have a blast with a couple dolls or action figures, older kids may be looking for a bit more in a toy or game. Keep this in mind when planning what to bring on your trip and talk to your kiddos about what they think would be a good toy to bring. While factoring in how much space you have of course. 

Here is a short list of our 5 must-have toys for your next family trip

Ipad or Tablet
This one may seem a little too obvious, but an Ipad or Tablet of some kind can provide endless entertainment when on the road. Not to mention all of the educational apps for kids of all ages. You can use it as a tool for homeschooling and for fun when on the road.

I'm sure I don't have to explain all of the great things you can do nowadays with a smart tablet. All I can say is that it's definitely one to consider. We have found it incredibly useful when traveling light. It can also be used for many group activities like board games and such that you normally wouldn't have with you all the time.

Action Figures/Dolls
5 Must Have Toys For Your Next Family Trip, Action figures
This one generally depends on the age range of your children and preference of course. My youngest sibling absolutely loved playing with action figures and still enjoys collecting them as a pre-teen. We've included dolls here as well because we consider them to be in the same category.

Dolls and action figures are perfect and light to carry for kiddos who love to let their imagination run wild!

Inflatable Ball or Frisbee
An inflatable ball is another great toy to travel with. Especially if you and the family like to stay active on the road. It can be a soccer ball, football, volleyball, or a simple beach ball. Bringing a ball or frisbee to a local park is a great way to meet new people and get a game of sorts going wherever you may be in the world.

Beach Toolset
5 Must Have Toys For Your Next Family Trip, beach tools
If you're planning a beach vacation with the family it would be a good idea to have some beach tools with you. This can be anything from a couple of little shovels to a full set of molds for animals and sandcastles. Some people get really into it and bring more advanced tools to create full-on works of art.

Most kiddos will have a blast with only their hands and their imagination, but having a few small tools will no doubt make your beach trip one to remember!

Deck of Cards
Bringing along a nice deck of cards is a must for us. It's probably the easiest thing to pack on this list and arguably the most entertaining. There are card games for kids of all ages that the whole family can enjoy. Some of our family favorites include Kings in the corner, War, Slap Jack, Rummy, and for the parents, some Texas hold 'em from time to time.

We hope you found this article useful for picking out some must have toys for your next family trip! What are some of your family's favorite toys? Let us know in the comments!

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