Valencia, Spain, more than just beautiful beaches

 Spain has long been a highly sought after vacation spot in Europe. There are so many wonderful locations within the small country that you can easily become overwhelmed by which spot to choose for a vacation.
Valencia, Spain, more than just beautiful beaches, city
The region of Valencia, located on the Eastern coast, is home to many beautiful beaches and stunning backdrops which make it a lovely destination. I personally love beaches but when on a trip I prefer a spot that has a little more to offer. Valencia fits that bill by providing something for everyone from beauty and relaxation to sports and amazing food!

I have to start off by mentioning what is most popular in the region. There is so much more to the area than the beaches but with around 460 km of coastline, you are bound to want to spend some of your vacation in cheeky bikini bottoms or board shorts on a beach. They are glorious and well worth a couple days just exploring and relaxing.
Valencia, Spain, more than just beautiful beaches, beach
Benidorm and the Costa Blanca are probably your best bet if beaches are your main priority.  In both locations, you will discover idyllic coves and crystal clear water perfect for relaxation. Both destination spots can offer culture and thrills as well but are most well known for the stunning coastal scenery.

If you are like us then no trip can be complete without some sort of, scare the heck out of your parents, event. Otherwise known as thrill-seeking! In Valencia, there are several spots this can be accomplished via cave exploration, theme parks, zip lining and so much more.

If you are looking for a spot to go look no further than Terra Mítica, Terra Natura, Mundomar, and Aqualandia theme parks. You can also get your fill of water activities in towns such as Alicante, Dénia, Altea, and Torrevieja which enjoy perfect weather for spending your days in and around the water.

Any time you spend in Spain will offer cultural experiences. Some places will offer more depth than others. Elche and Alcoi are the types of towns that offer rich cultural and artistic heritage while at the same time offering coastal charm and mountain allure.

Valencia is also where you can enjoy local festivals, which are some of my favorite ways to explore an area. Las Fallas, La Tomatina, and Holy week are wonderful to be a part of and will give you a beautiful glimpse into local heritage.

Valencia is famous for its beaches and coastline but it is also known for its gastronomic culture  Some typical dishes you can enjoy are paella, fartons, Spanish omelets, and horchata just to name a few.  You will delight in discovering where your Spanish palette lies and you can enjoy these spoils throughout the entire region.

Between all the marinas, golf courses, unspoiled beaches, and wild nightlife, there really is something for everyone. As you can see from the video above, We are Holiday, so why not head over and explore for yourself all that Valencia can offer?

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