Summer in Bibione: Back to the beach of Italy

Summer is coming, again! And we are again looking for holidays. Where to go? What to do? How to arrive and where to sleep? Everything needs to be planned.

Well... maybe sometimes it's better leave that plan and just let yourself go on a holiday “without thinking” too much.

That is what happens every year in Bibione. It's a beach resort in north-eastern of Italy, facing the Adriatic sea. The resort attracts tourists from all the Europe in summer, but not so “hot” to ruin the tranquility of the town.

Here are some reasons for what you should consider Bibione as your next holiday destination.

The Beach

Limpid and blue water, more than 11.5 km of golden sand, decorated with pine woods. It's a really beautiful panorama if you see it from high, and rivals any Hawaii beach! Besides, the Bibione beach has a seabed that drops away gradually, so it is perfect for children and for adults who don't swim. Sitting, walking or playing on the beach is safe. The beach is equipped with all the services, including 22 lifeguard stations.

You can also bring your four-legged friends, because on the beach there is an area dedicated for dogs, where they can take a sunbed with umbrella and enjoy the holiday just like us. Moreover, on the beach there are always activities and events for both adults and children.

Entertainment and City Excursions

Bibione offers a lot of attractions and activities, from beach volley to the running race, from the concert to the animations for children. The city center is a paradise for those who love shopping, and it is very easy to find a bar or a restaurant for a snack or a delicious meal.

And it's not over. Bibione city and the surrounding area offer many things to see. For those who love culture and art, it is possible to get a train to visit Venice, Trieste, Verona or other historical cities around. For lovers of archaeology, it's possible to visit the Roman remains in Concordia Sagittaria and Aquileia, just few kilometers away from Bibione.

The Nature
The nature is another strength of Bibione, appreciated by all tourists. It's possible to reach on foot, at the end of the beach, in the east, the lighthouse of Bibione. Another interesting place to visit in this area is the mouth of the Tagliamento river, and there is also a free area of beach and pine forest.

While moving towards the west, beyond the pine forest, there are the Vallesina woods and Valgrande. The last is a nature park with lagoon habitat, surrounded by the green, ideal for walking, cycling, or horse riding. In addition, there is also a cycle path that runs alongside the entire seafront, which offers a splendid view of both the sea and the green.

The resort is known also for its thermal zones. One of the most beautiful things to do is to take a spa treatment at the end of the day and deeply relax yourself in the warm water.

Another thing to try is to get a hotel near the beach, even better, a flat or a villa. Then you can watch the sunrise or sunset every day, or go for a sunbath whenever you want. It may be difficult to find a stay like that, especially if you have children. There is a professional Agenzia Serena, with loads of experience in this field, that have always offered a perfect stay for every need. And it is possible to take advantage of the offers like free beach service, a bicycle rental, or even a beach shuttle service.

So the main problem of stay and transport is solved, the only thing to do now is to take a plane to Italy and, viola, we are on holiday! Pretty easy, isn't it?

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